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“Society would have us believe that life and dreams belong to the young. On the contrary, I say that you need to be mature to enjoy life to the fullest, and that every age has something new to offer. To me, 50 is a new beginning, and I’m enjoying my life completely.”

Giselle Blondet
, actress, TV host and author of
Tengo 50 … Y Que? (I’m 50 … So What?)
, during a talk at Libreria Martinez de Chapman University.

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“I’m all for high-quality preschool education; who wouldn’t be? But we can’t just invest in preschool, then cross our fingers and hope for the best. Because it’s an investment, notan inoculation. We need to invest in other periods of development too, and especially in adolescence because it’s a time when we can really affect the brain for the better.”

Laurence Steinberg
, Ph.D., author of
Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence
, speaking to Crean College students and faculty.

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“I was the first to wind up going into a locker room with a female camera person, and if you don’t think that didn’t stir things up. … I said, ‘Look, she has a right to be here as much I do. Without her camera, it’s just not going to happen. We won’t do it.’ And I told them that if we had to leave, no more interviews. Period. So we agreed to go outside in the hallway and they brought the athletes to us.”

Ed Arnold
, Los Angeles broadcaster, speaking about his six-decade career to a winter Interterm sports journalism class.

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“It’s that softness, that humanness – you want to bring people into you. It’s like when you’re reading a book and there’s a passage that tells a secret that you thought only you knew. That’s what we do.”

Annette Bening
, award-winning actress, conducting a master class for theatre and screen-acting students.

Watch the video of Bening’s master class, focusing on the importance of

Watch the video of Bening’s master class, focusing on her

Watch the video of Bening’s master class, focusing on

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