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Princeton neuroscientist Elizabeth Gould to give public lecture Nov. 18

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Professor Elizabeth Gould will discuss her leading research in brain plasticity in a free public lecture Nov. 18.

Princeton Neuroscience Institute professor
Elizabeth Gould
, Ph.D., named one of the 50 most important women in science by
magazine and one of the world’s most prolific researchers in neuroplasticity, will give a free lecture on her work Monday, Nov. 18, at noon in Argyros Forum, Room 209A.

For the past two decades, Gould’s groundbreaking research has radically altered ideas about
brain function
. Combining molecular biology, psychology and computational neuroscience, her work overturned convention by proving that the brain is not permanently fixed at birth or by adulthood, but that it changes in a variety of ways, including repairing damaged areas.

Gould will also be presented with an Honorary Doctor of Science Degree by the Schmid College of Science and Technology.

The talk is open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. To learn more, visit the
Schmid College of Science and Technology blog

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