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Teaching Dodge College students sparks new lessons for Variety film critic Peter Debruge


Dodge College’s Peter Debruge, a senior film critic at Variety, writes about his teaching experience in the newest issue.

A film critic found himself in new territory when he took on a teaching role at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.  And the beauty of that experience, writes
senior film critic
Peter Debruge
, is that it gave him a new way to look at films.

“In my day job as a critic, judging others’ creative decisions comes with the territory. When it comes to teaching, however, one shouldn’t impose an aesthetic. Instead, the key is to present options and help the students unlock the artistic principles that matter most to them,” Debruge writes in a commentary titled
What I Learned Teaching Film School
Educational Impact issue. Debruge teaches the graduate course Evolution of Narrative Film.

Dodge College was also included in

Film School Progress Report.

Dawn Bonker

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