College students underestimate ticking biological clocks, professor’s research reveals

peterson_bA groundbreaking study lead by Brennan Peterson, Ph.D. associate professor, Schmid College of Science and Technology, on fertility awareness of American college students was published in the May 5 edition of Human Reproduction—a top-tier international journal in reproductive biology.

It is the first such study on fertility awareness among American undergraduate university students. In the USA, the postponement of childbearing is reflective of contemporary social norms of delaying marriage, pursuing education and securing economic stability prior to having a baby.  However, the awareness of the impact of age on fertility among American college students is low, Dr. Peterson’s study reveals.

Dr. Peterson, an expert on infertility issues and the lead author on the study, notes, “The findings from this study show that while undergraduate university students in our sample believed they are educated about fertility issues, they consistently overestimate the ages at which fertility declines in women, as well as their chances of success if they used fertility treatments to achieve pregnancy.”

More about the research is available at the
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Dawn Bonker

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