Schmid scientists track Arizona fires' path via satellite

The gray plume at center is smoke from the forest fires racing through eastern Arizona.

As part of their research of Earth hazards, scientists at The Center of Excellence in Earth Observing in the Schmid College of Science are tracking the massive Arizona wildfires. The image above was captured by Terra satellite and picked up by Schmid’s own direct-broadcast antenna. More views are available at Schmid’s website.

Among those studying the fires are Anup Prasad, Ph.D., assistant professor, and Nikolaos J. Hatzopoulos, computer engineer for the center. The information is gathered by the team members as part of their continuing research of meteorological conditions and patterns, data they use to predict the occurrence and paths of fires, floods, hurricanes and other earth hazards. Such information helps decision-makers plan for and manage natural disasters and changing climate patterns that could have profound effects on health, safety and agriculture.

Dawn Bonker

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