Leading educator tackles creationism, evolution, politics in guest lecture

Dr. Eugenie Scott

Eugenie Scott, Ph.D., a leading critic of intelligent design and young Earth creationism, will give a lecture at 4:15 p.m. Monday, Oct. 11, at
Chapman University School of Law
titled “Creationism, Evolution, Law, Education and Politics.”

Dr. Scott’s talk at Chapman University is particularly timely, says Brian Alters, Ph.D., professor, College of Educational Studies and Schmid College of Science and vice president of the board of directors for the National Center for Science Education.

“Teaching students about the fact of biological evolution is extraordinarily important; however, because it is often controversial in the general public, the teaching of evolution must be defended.  Dr. Scott is the world’s leader in this necessary defense, and we are fortunate for her nearly quarter-century of leadership,” Alters says.

Attempts to undermine the teaching of biological evolution in public schools continue at full force today throughout the nation and world, Dr. Alters says.  As the foremost authoritative activist on the subject, Dr. Scott will speak on myriad issues surrounding evolution education including both historical and present-day activities.

In Dr. Scott’s 23 years as executive director of the
National Center for Science Education
, she has accumulated a host of awards and prizes, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award, the National Academy of Science’s Public Welfare Medal, and the Society for the Study of Evolution’s first Stephen Jay Gould Prize, as well as honorary degrees from eight colleges and universities, all in honor of her efforts to defend the teaching of evolution in public schools.

The lecture will be held in Kennedy Hall, Room 237. Refreshments will be served at 4 p.m. A Q&A will follow the lecture. The event is sponsored by the College of Educational Studies, Schmid College of Science and the Chapman University School of Law. For more information, contact Dr. Alters at

Dawn Bonker

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