Celebrate with free egg rolls today

produce table
Chapman folks turn out for mid-day farmer's market.

No wonder the organizers behind Chapman’s No Impact Week want us to walk, ride our bikes or hoof a couple blocks to a bus stop. They keep feeding us!

Free vegan egg rolls from Loving Hut will be offered at today’s closing party for No Impact Week  from 12:30 to 2 p.m. at the Allred Aquatics Center.

Food events during the week were a big hit, says Justin Koppelman, program coordinator for student civic engagement. The Farmer’s Market drew lots of lunch time shoppers and a taste-test booth comparing organic strawberries and tangerines with their conventionally-grown counterparts was eye-opening for some.

students talking at event table
Students taste-test organic and non-organic tangerines during No Impact Week.

“One student said he did not like strawberries, but he liked the organic ones,” Koppelman says.

No Impact Week was a project of the Student Sustainability Initiative, coordinated through the Department of Student & Campus Life.

Dawn Bonker

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