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Well, we sadly said goodbye to PR writer/Happenings editor Diana McCabe last week (for those who have been asking, she just moved down south a little, to a Web editor position at Entrepreneur magazine).  And that means Haps will be in the hands of us — Mary Platt, PR director, and Dennis Arp, PR editor — for a little while (we hope a VERY little while, much as we love Happenings!), as we look for a new PR writer  So please bear with us – we both have more than full-time jobs on top of Haps!  But we’ll do our very best to keep this the lively, informative and entertaining newsletter you know and love.  It may not be as pretty (we don’t have a lot of time to look for pictures), and it will help us immensely if you send in pre-written blurbs that we don’t have to edit too awfully much.   Anyway – here goes – hope you enjoy! — Mary and Dennis

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Dawn Bonker

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  • Good luck to Diana with the new position as Entrepreneur magazine has an informative website and I look forward to changes on the site with Diana’s input.

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