Decorative Purple Sun

Of Earth And Sky

With their creative approach to collaborative projects, graphic designer Claudine Jaenichen and visual artist Lia Halloran help us find our way in worlds full of change.

Researchers standing over electronic device

Beam Time

During an intense 72-hour window at a national lab, Chapman undergrads chase environmental insights using the most powerful X-rays on earth.

Professor Michael Bazyler portrait

Professor Reunites Holocaust Victims With Stolen Art

The son of Holocaust survivors, law professor Michael Bazyler champions restitution for those whose legacies were looted.

Jeff Goad

Quelling The Fears That Prevent Vaccination

Scientists, decades of authoritative research, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, generations of physicians and more than a few grandparents who remember the dangers of childhood diseases all...

President Daniele Struppa

Message From the President: Here to Give Voice

Those who know me, are aware of my passion for dialogue across ideological divide. This is something I learned from my parents and the long discussions we used to have every Sunday at our dinner table. My dad...

Scott Stedman '14

Scrubbing Into a New Journey of Fulfillment

Rick White

Geared Up For A Life In The Game He Loves

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