Professor Michael Bazyler portrait

Professor Reunites Holocaust Victims With Stolen Art

The son of Holocaust survivors, law professor Michael Bazyler champions restitution for those whose legacies were looted.

Jeff Goad

Quelling The Fears That Prevent Vaccination

Scientists, decades of authoritative research, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, generations of physicians and more than a few grandparents who remember the dangers of childhood diseases all...

President Daniele Struppa

Message From the President: Here to Give Voice

Those who know me, are aware of my passion for dialogue across ideological divide. This is something I learned from my parents and the long discussions we used to have every Sunday at our dinner table. My dad...

hands at a laptop in the dark

Worried About Online Security? Cyber Smart Panthers Can Help

From computer hackers to identity thieves to phishing emails, cyber attacks are becoming more and more common – and complex. Such cybercrimes cost the U.S. economy about $100 billion annually, according to the...

Stephen Hinkle

At Thompson Policy Institute, Special Needs Become Distinct Possibilities

Stephen Hinkle didn’t always love a good joke or pun. Humor and its indirect meanings eluded the Chapman University Ph.D. student, who has autism. But these days he’s a bit of a jokester himself. In a quiet...

Scott Stedman '14

Scrubbing Into a New Journey of Fulfillment

Rick White

Geared Up For A Life In The Game He Loves

Close up of African American woman conducting orchestra

With Talent and Passion, Alumna Orchestra Conductor Leads the Way for Women of Color

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