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Students walking on Chapman campus.

Political Corruption, Illness, and the Threat of Nuclear Attack from Russia Top Chapman University’s Annual Survey of American Fears This year’s top 10 fears hint that Americans are fixated on government, the threat of harm to loved ones, and environmental and economic concerns.

Chapman University sociologists and researchers have released the ninth annual Survey of American Fears revealing 92 terrifying trends and new insights into the nation’s top fears. Americans fear being a victim of mass...

screen showing slide about SAUSD ethnic studies program

Reclaiming Our Voices: The Ethnic Studies Movement in Santa Ana Unified School District A new law requires ethnic studies education for all high school students in California; Chapman asked representatives from the Santa Ana Unified School District to discuss why ethnic studies matters.

In October 2021, California’s State Assembly passed AB 101, a law requiring every student at a public high school to take an ethnic studies course as part of their core curriculum. In June 2020, more than a year before...