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Space Station Archeology Project Wins Award
linda villarosa and Under the Skin bookcover
Health Equity Is Focus for Annual Engaging the World Series
Sociologist Pete Simi research in the field.
FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM: Threats against public officials on the rise as 2024 nears
Jade McDonald
Once Upon an LGBTQIA+ Dream: Exploring Queer Marginality in Folklore As part of their Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, creative writing major Jade McDonald ā€™24 has given classic fairy tales a modern twist.
Justin Walsh
POPULAR SCIENCE: Space junk is a precious treasure trove to some archaeologists
crystal murphy
Associate Professor Crystal Murphy Named U.S. Fulbright Scholar for Research on Sudan
Juhi Doshi
Chapman Student Wins White House Correspondentsā€™ Association Scholarship
graph labeled "Number of Federal Charges"
Student Researchers Assist DHS Efforts to Protect Public Officials Overseen by sociology professor Pete Simi, the team of researchers hopes to gain a deeper understanding of why threats to public officials have been increasing in recent years.
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Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Inspires Students at Chapman University
Attendees look at student art at Fowler School of Law's climate conference
Fowler Law Climate Conference Highlights Need for ā€˜Great Imaginationā€™ in Search for Solutions
graphic mural with the words ross cultural repeated, black panthers, and various designs in bright patterns
Graphic Design Students Paint New Mural for Cross-Cultural Center The design, which reflects the diverse cultures and experiences of the student body, will be displayed outside Chapmanā€™s Cross-Cultural Center on the third floor of Argyros Forum.
group of women on stage in front of a film film screen
Mother Is an Action: Conference and Course Explore the Myths of Motherhood Faculty from Wilkinson and Dodge colleges collaborated to bring a discussion of motherhood to Chapman.