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headshot of donor Vicky Carabini
Vicky Carabini

Carabini Family Boosts Italian Studies at Chapman With Generous Gift to the Ferrucci Institute The gift further supports the teaching and learning of Italian language and culture on campus.

Chapman University’s Ferrucci Institute for Italian Experience and Research strives to inspire and advance a broad disciplinary spectrum of teaching and research initiatives, exploring Italy’s more universal educational and intellectual potential. Established in 2023 to spearhead Italian Studies in a new direction, the Ferrucci Institute is rooted in a collaborative spirit. It bridges the arts, business and science between generational and cultural divides.

Thanks to a recent gift from Chapman donors Vicky and Michael Carabini, the Ferrucci Institute will provide additional mentorship and funding for scholarly and creative activities. The generous gift establishes the Vicky and Michael Carabini Endowment to further support the teaching and learning of Italian language and culture on campus.

“Despite being initiated just a year ago, the Ferrucci Institute is poised to leave a lasting imprint on Italian culture,” said Vicky. “Through its lecture series, outreach efforts for the restoration of Italian monuments, and expansion of the Italian studies program, it will contribute significantly to the preservation and promotion of Italian heritage.”

The Ferrucci Institute hosts multiple events and experiences yearly. Held each spring, the Italian Perspective Series is a celebratory exploration of Italian culture’s complexity and import across different sectors and disciplines. Windows to Italy, a series of talks held each academic year, features scholars who explore Italy’s more universal educational and intellectual potential. Campus programming, travel-abroad opportunities, and an internal fellowship program allow students and faculty creative and scholarly activities that unveil the cross-cultural and interdisciplinary relevance of Italy’s story and fabric.

“The Ferrucci Institute is significantly expanding its educational and research activities through various partnerships locally and abroad, including a wide range of disciplinary areas and departments at Chapman,” explained Dr. Federico Pacchioni, founding director of the Ferrucci Institute. “The Vicky and Michael Carabini Endowment supports this expansion and, therefore, secures a bright future for the Institute.”

The Carabinis have been part of the Chapman Family for over a decade, contributing significantly to Italian Studies and making the program what it is today.

“Vicky and Michael have become a cornerstone of the growing community of students and faculty, inspiring many with the beautiful ways of Italian community building and cultural celebration,” Dr. Pacchioni stated.

Giving back to Chapman’s Italian Studies and Ferrucci Institute allows Vicky to delve deeper into her Italian heritage while sharing her passion with others.

“It’s immensely fulfilling to inspire students and the Italian American community to embrace Italian language, culture and history,” Vicky explained. “Through this program, we not only preserve traditions but also facilitate cultural exchange and foster a greater appreciation for Italy’s rich heritage.”

If Chapman inspires you and you want to make a positive difference for others, like Vicky and Michael, learn more about how to support Chapman or donate today.

Carabini Family
The Carabini family have been a part of the Chapman Family for over a decade, supporting Italian Studies.

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