Op Green Light
Chapman University shines green lights on campus buildings as part of "Operation Green Light for Veterans."

Chapman University Joins Operation Green Light to Illuminate and Honor Veterans on Veterans Day

Chapman University announced its participation in Operation Green Light this Veterans Day, an initiative that illuminates the sacrifices and contributions of veterans. From November 6-12, county buildings and landmarks across the country will be illuminated green to show support for veterans and raise awareness around the resources available at the county, state and federal levels to assist veterans and their families. 

The university takes pride in its veteran community, which currently comprises 2 known Active Duty members, 112 known veterans, and 183 students utilizing VA Educational Benefits. Impressively, the VA Educational Benefit population has surged by 85% since the establishment of the Veterans Resource Center in 2018.

Ranked among the top three film schools by Military.com, Chapman University is committed to supporting veterans pursuing a degree at the institution. 

“We have a lot of students who are fully funded and they are thrilled to be at an R2-ranked institution,” says Stephen Leader, director of the Veterans Resource Center. “We have small class sizes and legitimately have the rigor that prepares you for any grad school.”

Chapman University’s commitment to veterans includes participation in the Yellow Ribbon program and offering scholarships through two additional sources: Monster Energy and the Ahmanson Foundation. Monster is the largest supporter of scholarships for veterans and their dependents at Chapman, giving up to $70,000 a year for four years. Ahmanson has supported GI Bill veterans at Chapman for a decade.

The campus’s Veterans Resource Center plays a crucial role in this endeavor, helping veterans navigate the intricacies of applying versions of the GI Bill and connecting them with scholarships. This support extends to recruiting veterans from community colleges, facilitating seamless transitions to college life.

Additionally, Chapman University offers the Military and Veterans Law Institute, supported by the Croul Foundation, and the Center for American War Letters, featuring an extensive manuscript collection of war letters from every American conflict, beginning with handwritten missives composed during the Revolutionary War and continuing up to emails sent from Iraq and Afghanistan. These personal war-related correspondences are a vital record of the collective memory of the American people, as witnessed and articulated by service members, veterans, and their loved ones, who experienced these wars firsthand.

Notably, student veterans at Chapman received prestigious awards in fields such as Accounting, Law, and the Delp Award last year, underscoring their contributions to the university.

In addition to the university’s participation in Operation Green Light, Chapman University is proud to host a week-long series of events in partnership with the Veterans Club, taking place from November 6th to 10th.

Carly Murphy

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