Career Compass Initiative Update

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Dear Chapman Colleagues,

We continue to make progress with the Career Compass Initiative, and we want to share the latest developments in our efforts to streamline, enhance and modernize our job classification taxonomy for staff and administrator positions at Chapman University.

The Career Compass Project Team has completed its analysis of the Description of Position and Responsibilities (DPR) that you submitted in Feb. 2023 and is now collaborating with Segal and key Chapman stakeholders to build our new job classification taxonomy for staff and administrative positions. 

The job classification taxonomy will place positions together within job families, subfamilies, categories and career levels based on the type and complexity of work performed. It will provide the necessary framework to appropriately categorize positions for comparison and benchmarking with other higher education institutions in our peer group.

In addition to these developments on the classification front, Chapman Human Resources has acquired a cloud-based technology solution to speed the writing and review of job descriptions and to provide position description libraries to promote our goals for transparency and career development.  More information on this tool will be made available in the near future.

With these enhancements, Chapman employees will be better equipped with the necessary tools to navigate potential career paths, enable professional growth and explore opportunities with transparency and greater ease. Career Compass will empower staff to discover their true north.

If you would like more information, please visit the Career Compass Initiative Website.