Athina Cuevas
Athina Cuevas, assistant director of the Promising Futures First-Generation Program and Cross-Cultural Center

Chapman University Appoints Athina Cuevas as Assistant Director of Promising Futures First-Generation Program and Cross-Cultural Center

Chapman University’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) named Athina Cuevas assistant director of the Promising Futures First-Generation Program and Cross-Cultural Center.

The Promising Futures First-Generation Program is a program that helps the academic, social and professional development of Chapman’s first-generation college students. The Cross-Cultural Center is a resource for all Chapman students to gain greater insights into their identities, develop a stronger sense of empathy for others’ identities and use their learning to create a more positive and inclusive Chapman community.

Cuevas’ biggest priorities are to support first-generation students and their families. Her responsibilities include coordinating and monitoring student meetings, study sessions and social events. Cuevas will also support DEI office student employees with professional development and act as a liaison between the Promising Futures Program and Cross-Cultural Center.

“I’m a big believer that there is a large cultural wealth that each student can bring,” said Cuevas. “I want to make sure that those students know the Cross-Cultural Center and First-Generation Program are resources available to them.”

Cuevas has more than a decade of experience advocating for underrepresented student populations. Prior to joining Chapman, Cuevas was the academic coordinator for Harvey Mudd College, Upward Bound, where she developed and facilitated workshops about post-secondary education, professional development and the importance of mental health. Prior to that role, Cuevas was a student facilitator at Citrus Community College, College Connect Program, where she conducted one-on-one sessions offering academic and psychological support and developed individualized success plans.

“When I transitioned into my role at Chapman, I remembered how important it was to continue empowering our students,” said Cuevas. “I want to show our students that access, visibility and hard work does pay off. I’m going to continue to advocate not only for students, but also for their families.”

Of the appointment, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Reginald Chhen Stewart, Ph.D., said, “Athina Cuevas brings an abundance of experience and dedication to serving first-generation students. I am confident she will play a pivotal role in continuing to advance Chapman’s efforts to support our students.”

“There is a sense of hope in higher education,” added Cuevas. “Sometimes higher education is not an option for first-generation folks because they must work right after high school. My position comes with a sense of privilege, and I’ll do what I can to make sure I open doors and build bridges for our students and their families.”

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