Chapman University’s Career Compass Initiative

Staff and administrators are fundamental pillars of the University community who help to fulfill our academic and research mission as we continue to grow. Your growth is just as important, and we recognize the frustration our dedicated staff have with the current classification system that is flat, lacks transparency, and makes career planning unclear.  The Career Compass Initiative aims to address these concerns.

To modernize our classification structures, we have partnered with Segal, a nationally recognized Higher Education consulting firm that specializes in compensation and classification best practices, who are assisting our current efforts to design a fair and equitable classification and compensation program for staff and administrators: an initiative named Career Compass. One of the outcomes from the transparency created by the Career Compass initiative will be clearer pathways for career growth and success at Chapman University so our valued staff and administrators can plan their opportunities here and beyond.

The Career Compass initiative consists of several phases, the first of which has already been completed. The second phase will start as soon as we return from our winter break and will require participation from all full-time, regular staff and administrators. Read more about the second phase for more information.

While we expect the project to be completed in 2023, the Office of Human Resources is committed to providing the university with ongoing updates through an informative website, which will launch in Jan. 2023, and the Working@Chapman newsletter.