Chapman University’s Career Compass Initiative: Phase II

Phase two of our Career Compass Initiative begins Jan. 4, 2023, with the launch of a job position questionnaire called the Description of Position and Responsibilities (DPR), which was created in collaboration with Segal, a nationally recognized Higher Education consulting firm. Participation by all full-time, regular staff and administrators who are not a member of senior staff or degree-granting academic Deans is required.  

The Importance of the DPR 

The DPR is your way to directly engage in the Initiative.  No one knows your job better than you, and we need your help. 

You have an opportunity to provide meaningful information about the specifics of your position, including major responsibilities, supervisory relationships, and other work environment details. We recognize that the pandemic may have changed your responsibilities and those of your teams. The details you share will be reviewed by your supervisor and then analyzed and compared with Segal’s comprehensive national database of job descriptions to ensure accurate classification of your position so that your contributions to our campus experience are up-to-date and appropriately classified.  

What are the next steps?  

A series of communications and learning opportunities will be announced via separate email from HR.  This will include express details of the DPR process, learning opportunities for how to best complete the DPR, and logistics for an HR Forum to be held on Dec. 6.

The Office of Human Resources is committed to providing the university with ongoing updates through an informative website, which will launch in Jan. 2023, and the Working@Chapman newsletter.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have at the HR Forum.  Thank you for contributing your expertise to this project. Thank you for contributing your expertise to this project.