Latest Updates to Purchasing Guidelines and Procedures

The EVP/COO and Audit Committee (of the Board of Trustees) have revised Chapman University’s purchasing guidelines. The purchasing threshold for competitive bids has been increased from $10K back to $25K per transaction. In addition to this update, the Purchasing Department will no longer require the Sole/Single Source Supplier Justification (SSSJ) form for the following business transactions, unless we deem it is appropriate for the EVP/COO to review and sign-off on the transaction. 

  • Software purchases approved by IS&T.
  • Benefit and institutional insurance suppliers (i.e., usually used by H/R and Risk Management).
  • Utility suppliers/providers (i.e. generally used by Facilities Management).
  • Sub-awards research agreements and governmental contracts (i.e., typically used/approved by Office of Research).

Please note that signing of an agreement, a contract or a purchase order does not mean the EVP/COO has approved your SSSJ form. All the aforementioned business transactions adhere to different protocols.

The Purchasing Department will also work on comprising a list of Chapman’s “preferred suppliers,” which would allow for proficient procurement of goods and services on behalf of Chapman as a whole. Please note that this does not necessarily negate the requirements for competitive bidding processes.

Once again, the Purchasing Department (or Financial Services) may request for competitive proposals (or an approved SSSJ form) when appropriate, even when a preferred supplier is selected. Our objective remains making sure due diligence and proper protocols are being followed while procuring the best products or services at the best value for Chapman University.

We appreciate your patience and assistance. We also thank you for your continued support and cooperation, especially, during the past couple of years. Although, we are often at the frontline of many financial/fiscal policy updates, we promise to do our best in making sure your requests and transactions are duly taken care of.