Congratulations to This Week’s Service Plan of Recognition Recipients

We are proud to name this week’s Service Plan of Recognition awardees for their extraordinary work as Chapman responds to COVID-19. Each staff and administrator selected embodies the dedication and integrity that continues to drive and strengthen Chapman University. 

For information on how to nominate employees, read this article about the New Service Recognition Plan.

This week’s recipients are: 

Kara Ward, administrative coordinator, Institute for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Office of the Provost

Kara has done a stellar job on the Academic Integrity Committee. She has handled the AIC’s increased workload with astonishing efficacy. This week she compiled a 114-page case file, just one example among many that Kara does for the AIC. – Shira Klein

Dr. Svetlana Levonisova, data coordinator, Attallah College of Educational Studies

Dr. Levonisova’s hard work, dedication, ability to adapt to varying data requests and timelines, and attention to detail is appreciated. Her positive attitude and commitment to preparing data while meeting deadlines and maintaining high standards in this time of extreme pressure is valued.  – Michelle Hall

Marie Bury, associate director, Office of Admission

Not only is Marie doing an amazing job of representing Chapman to potential students but she has also mentored the team by organizing all UG Admission training materials and at the same time leads the WACAC Professional Development committee providing PD for over 1,500 secondary and post-secondary members. – Mike Pelly and Jim Whitaker

Steven Anderson, kitchen manager, Sodexo

Steven has been a big part of feeding our students out at Chapman Grand and other locations. He is bringing safe food options to the students each day. – Eric Cameron

Jose Salomon, data architect, IS&T

Rose Yap-Fryman, programmer analyst, IS&T

Kristin Dressner, data analyst, IS&T

In a short time, this team created a system to manage the regular testing of the Chapman community. They worked around the clock to ensure that data is available to the Health Center and that the communication is clear to faculty, staff and students. – Helen Norris

Joey Anderson, client/media services specialist III, IS&T

Joey has provided stellar customer service to the campus during the pandemic, supporting dozens of virtual events.  I receive multiple emails praising him on a weekly basis, and I concur with all the positive feedback I hear. – Helen Norris

Aaron Murchison, appliance repair, Facilities Management

One might think, as food service has slowed production, the various campus kitchens can be ignored.  Aaron has found the opposite, equipment still demands his attention. This is especially true in our apartment units where the largest demand for his repairs have centered this Fall semester.  Aaron has been busy making “house calls” to service appliances allowing residents a sense of security. – Ed Blatchford

Andres Sanchez, plumber, Facilities Management

The Facilities team has discovered that empty and lightly occupied buildings will still support a steady “stream” of water leaks in our dorm facilities. Andres has instrumental during this Fall semester in making sure these emergencies are kept to a minimum. – Ed Blatchford

Mike Prophet, project coordinator, Facilities Management

Relatively new to the Chapman family, Mike hit the ground running. He has taken ownership of several urgent projects and a double handful of smaller ones to keep the campus buildings operational; add to this his involvement in dispersing plex shields as required. In the current scenario of reduced staff, Mike is carrying more than his share of the load. – Ed Blatchford

Karen Beam, registered nurse, Student Health Center

Karen Beam has been designated the point person and contract tracer for COVID cases on campus. She has been working long hours to track cases, quarantine the appropriate individuals, coordinate with OCHCA, and provide guidance to those students and families affected. – Jerry Price

Renée Lahey-Jacobs, student success data analyst, Dean of Students Office

Although not in her job description, Renee has agreed to serve as the point person to track which students are completing the necessary steps to return to campus safely, and to communicate with them regarding their status in the process. – Jerry Price