Congratulations to This Week’s Service Plan of Recognition Recipients

We are proud to name this week’s Service Plan of Recognition awardees for their extraordinary work as Chapman responds to COVID-19. Each staff and administrator selected embodies the dedication and integrity that continues to drive and strengthen Chapman University. 

For information on how to nominate employees, read this article about the New Service Recognition Plan.

This week’s recipients are: 

Natalie Figueroa, administrative assistant, Academic Advising

Natalie was our go-to team member during summer assisting incoming students. She oversaw our online appointment system, our advising webinars and small group session process, and managed our office email account. She professionally hosted our webinars and Q&A sessions during summer and orientation. – LB Brown

Jessica Chavez, academic advisor, Academic Advising

Jessica was instrumental in developing our virtual appointments/walk-in advising structure and schedule for both the summer and fall semester. She researched other schools and shaped best practices and use of technology for our team. – LB Brown

Helen Sahli, assistant director of assessment, School of Pharmacy

Through all of the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, Helen has ensured the success of our assessment plan through creative problem solving and an unwavering commitment to outstanding service for our CUSP students, faculty, staff, and administrators. – LB Brown

Anne Casey, assessment coordinator, School of Pharmacy

The COVID-19 pandemic presented special challenges with coordinating the logistics of online/remote assessments.  These were expertly navigated by Anne, with an exceptional sense for detail, and clear, timely communications with CUSP students, faculty, staff, and administrators. – LB Brown

Jim Douglas, executive chef, Sodexo

Chef Jim is Chapman’s Executive Chef who has develop every food service here on campus. Jim has been a key part of delivering great food to all the essential staff and students on campus.  – Eric Cameron

Shehani Reeder, executive assistant, Office of the Provost

Jill Zeiger, executive assistant, Office of the EVP/COO

Brenna Bell, executive assistant, Office of the EVP/COO

Allison Kelley, senior administrative assistant, Office of the EVP/COO

These dedicated individuals work tirelessly to maintain connectivity for the executives they serve, bridging the physical divide again and again to ensure ongoing operational continuity during the COVID crisis.  Their service is much appreciated! – Brian Powell

Jay Fabio, operations coordinator, IS&T

Jay is quick and responsive with follow-through Classroom support and Service Desk requests. She has been a key member of the laptop loaner program for students this Fall, ensuring they were shipped out promptly and following up on status. – Helen Norris

Sarah Blake, instructional analyst, IS&T

Sarah is key to ensuring the success of Rinker faculty’s use of Canvas and other educational technologies during the pandemic. Her support of faculty with their ePortfolios this past few weeks is also greatly appreciated. – Helen Norris

Rosie Garcia, assistant director-accounts payable, Financial Services

Working with vendors has been difficult in the remote environment.  Rosie has been instrumental in investigating and resolving issues with our vendors during this pandemic and has taken the time to follow-up with all parties involved. – Helen Norris

Shehani Reeder, executive assistant, Office of the Provost

Shehani has been a great partner in the process to provision faculty for campus access.  She also has been extremely helpful in supporting the President and the Provost in using the new classroom technology. – Helen Norris

Kevin Shieh, officer, Public Safety

Public Safety Administration received a thank you card in the mail from a Chapman family specifically thanking Officer Shieh for answering all of their questions and making them feel welcomed as they were looking around campus and showing their daughter’s school to her grandparents.  Officer Shieh demonstrated excellent representation of the Chapman Experience for a student and their extended family. – Randy Burba

Kirk Miller, operations administrator, Public Safety

Kirk worked tirelessly with campus partners to get new agreements in place, or alter existing agreements, ensuring Covid-19 plans and practices were included.  He demonstrated extreme patience and flexibility in working through the ever-changing landscape.

Sheryl Boyd, assistant director, Parking & Transportation, Public Safety

Tracey Cervantes, supervisor, Parking & Transportation, Public Safety

Sheryl and Tracey worked collaboratively with SMC to put together a comprehensive plan to ensure the success of the drive through care kit events on October 7, 8, and 9.  The same planning and collaboration are under way for the upcoming flu shot clinics.  Their teamwork and dedication to the success of these programs is appreciated. – Randy Burba

Lionel Luna, lieutenant, Public Safety

Lionel continuously volunteers to fill in when shift vacancies occur and adjusts his schedule to assist the department. He does this without hesitation and demonstrates his dedication to Chapman and the department. – Randy Burba

Roxanne Vergara, sponsored projects analyst, Schmid College/Sponsored Projects Services, Office of Research

Roxanne supports the faculty in Schmid College and has done a great job of jumping in to provide guidance from the start and has even been the point person on some larger-scale projects to support faculty outside of Schmid.  Roxanne’s efforts exemplify the team environment in the Office of Research. –Tom Piechota