Chapman Dogs

Enjoy a Virtual Pet Therapy Break with Chapman Pets

The Office of Human Resources understands the pressing need for shared community in this current moment. That is why they created Chapman Pets, a community space where you can share all about the furry friends who bring you joy and comfort, even in the midst of challenging times. Chapman Pets thrives as a community space because of you! Your interactions and contributions have added liveliness and joy to others. We invite you to join the Chapman Pets community and remember, “we live in this moment together. Let’s have some shared fun!”

Here are different ways to engage with Chapman Pets: 

1. Chapman Pet Talks through the Yammer app

With the Yammer app, you can post pet content and interact with other postings. This is the newest Chapman Pets feature that launched a month ago and it is the most popular feature  yet.

2. Chapman Pets SharePoint 

This is a central location for updates on Chapman Pets features. It also contains a library of resources like training, recipes, movie recommendations and other interesting finds.

3. Chapman Pets Program 

This monthly live program features pictures and videos contributed by the Chapman community. Content is different for each program. Last month, we had guest visitor, Nicole Ellis and her dog actors. Recordings of previous Chapman Pets programs can be found in Microsoft Stream under Chapman Pets channel.