Congratulations to This Week’s Service Plan of Recognition Recipients

We are proud to name this week’s Service Plan of Recognition awardees for their extraordinary work as Chapman responds to COVID-19. Each staff and administrator selected embodies the dedication and integrity that continues to drive and strengthen Chapman University. 

For information on how to nominate employees, read this article about the New Service Recognition Plan.

This week’s recipients are: 

Annette Casas, associate registrar-scheduling & registration, Office of the University Registrar

Annette has done a tremendous job during the campus closure. She’s worked diligently with multiple stakeholders, including the Provost and I, to ensure the Fall classes are scheduled and new COVID-19 max capacities are taken into consideration. – LB Brown

Margarita Sandoval, academic records coordinator, Office of the Registrar

Maggie joined Chapman two weeks before we began to remote work. She had to train and learn all Registrar’s office procedures while remote. She has had a great attitude, learned quickly and is a great addition to Chapman University. – Annette Casas

Danielle Cobb, academic records coordinator, Office of the Registrar

Danielle has continued to work hard remotely, working her regular schedule, assisting with student workers, and calling students during registration, all while using her personal laptop that was slowing her down. – Annette Casas

Robert Sevilla, cook supervisor, Randall Dining Hall, Sodexo

Robert has been on the front lines serving meals every day to our Chapman teams, keeping them happy and taken care of with great food. – Eric Cameron

Jeremy Hvidsten, client/media services technician, IS&T

Jeremy has jumped in to support the Hyflex classroom project and shifted his work schedule to be available on campus.  He helped get this project started and has led and supported our virtual event requests without hesitation. – Helen Norris

Phil Stella, associate director, IS&T

Making changes to our enterprise systems to support the campus thru pandemic is very much behind the scenes.  So many things come Phil Stella’s way with little to no notice and he just always gets them done. – Helen Norris

Phil Hidalgo, dispatcher, Public Safety

Sonia Martinez, dispatcher, Public Safety

Sonia and Phil were instrumental in dealing with hundreds of alarm monitoring activations as a result of a power outage. They diligently ensured every alarm was appropriately addressed, ensuring the safety of the campus. – Randy Burba

Erin Ash, area coordinator, Chapman Grand, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Erin has worked extensively to create a hybrid in-person and virtual Graduate Assistant training or new incoming staff in RLFYE including coordinator presenters across the department. – Dave Sundby

Nick Jakel, housing communications coordinator, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Nick served on multiple task forces, representing RLFYE communication across campus while also implementing major departmental website updates. – Dave Sundby

Emily Belote, housing assignments coordinator, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Emily has managed a more complicated and extensive housing disability accommodation request process this year due to the need to work with students with underlying conditions. – Dave Sundby

Anton Bartolic, operations coordinator, Strategic Marketing and Communications

Anton continues to effectively manage the SMC budgets and procurement from home. He provides daily back up to the Chapman Operator line and is always available to answer questions. We appreciate his calmness during these busy times. – Jamie Ceman

Dennis Arp, senior editor, Strategic Marketing and Communications

Dennis is a superb writer and editor. The awards won by Chapman Magazine and Chapman Forward reflect his talent. Throughout the pandemic, he has maintained our standard of excellence, despite additional pressures and demands. – Jamie Ceman

Sarah Lee, assistant director of content strategy, Strategic Marketing and Communications

As the leader of the content team, Sarah has worked tirelessly to establish new processes and provide direction. Having just joined us a few months before the pandemic, she is already an invaluable member of our department. – Jamie Ceman

Joanne Jurczyk, manager of donor relations, University Advancement

Joanne has taken a thoughtful and detailed approach in donor correspondence during these challenging times. She has ensured our teams are reviewing donor correspondence for sensitivity in language used in letters and reports to donors. – Michele Wanner

Brenna Bell, executive assistant, Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Allison Kelley, senior administrative assistant, Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Jill Zeiger, executive assistant, Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

In recognition for handling the CU Safely Back reopening the campus detailed operating plan process. – Harold Hewitt