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Eight Online Courses to Try This Summer

The semester may have come to an end but learning doesn’t have to stop. With many summer travel plans on hold you may be looking for alternative ways to stay busy and safe. Lucky for you there’s a myriad of platforms offering free online courses.

Whether you want to learn to code, learn a new language or learn about Shakespeare, here are 8 classes that will keep your mind nourished and entertained this summer.

1. Machine Learning

Interested in smart robots or self-driving cars? If so, check out this broad introduction to machine learning and discover  how computers act without being explicitly programmed.

2. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

Learn and practice strategies that will help you become a successful negotiator in your workplace and even in your personal life.

3. Shakespeare’s Hamlet: The Ghost

Ghosts,Shakespeare and the afterlife. If those topics sound interesting to you, then you’ll want to take this three week course that explores a classic Shakespearean play through an eerie lens.

4. Learn Sign Language on YouTube 

Want to learn a new language? Try ASL. Dr. Bill Vicars hosts a plethora of ASL lessons right from his YouTube channel.

5. History of Rock

The names Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles are practically synonymous with rock. But what came before? This course examines the history of rock including its origin and its various waves. 

6. The Science of Well-Being

A popular course during quarantine, The Science of Well-Being explores the concept of happiness, common misconceptions and ways to build more productive habits.

7. Basic First Aid: How to Be an Everyday Hero

Brush up on your first aid training or get trained for the first time. In just two weeks, you’ll get an introduction to the basics.

8. What Is Contemporary Art?

Learn about the creative processes that inform modern art. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how artists work and gain confidence talking about modern art with anyone.


Michelle Anguka