All Courses Will Use Canvas as of Fall 2020 – Sign Up for Summer Training

Consistency in the student learning experience has never been more important than now. That is why Provost Glenn Pfeiffer has announced that all Chapman courses will fully transition to Canvas by September 2020. This means Blackboard will no longer be a platform available for courses, and all faculty will need to receive adequate training in Canvas.

Canvas Summer Training Options for Faculty

If you haven’t had Canvas training yet, not to worry. Educational Technology Services (ETS) has many summer training options available.

Options for full-time faculty summer training include the following:

  • Group Intensive Hike: Canvas Course Design Cohort Intensive (~15 hours; fast-paced; learn from each other and a facilitator)
  • Solo Hike: Canvas Course Design Independent Study (~15 hours; self-paced; lightly facilitated)
  • Hike with Trail Guides: Basic Technology Training and Canvas Course Design (15-30 hours+; strong support from various tech staff and Canvas professionals; for those who don’t feel comfortable with their tech expertise and need extra help)

Part-time faculty will be trained in August, so please stay tuned.

Those who have already trained or have adequate experience, can fill out the checklist for those who have previous Canvas experience. If interest is expressed, you may be asked to serve as mentors.

Note: Canvas courses for fall 2020 will populate 60 days prior to the start of term. That means you won’t see your fall 2020 courses until end June, early July. If you would like an empty course (or courses) in Canvas to start building, please request a Master Course.

Sign up for summer 2020 Canvas training now!

How do I stay informed about the Canvas transition?

Keep up with the latest Canvas happenings at or through the academic technology blog.

Michelle Anguka