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Chapman Community Responds to Call for Student Support in Time of Coronavirus More than $1.1 million is raised in annual Giving Day effort.

In a remarkable outpouring of generosity, more than 1,300 donors participated in Chapman University’s Giving Day, raising $1.1 million for its students and families in economic crisis because of the pandemic.

Like all universities across the country, Chapman University has fallen into a strange quiet in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. No students skateboarding to morning class. No lunchtime concerts in Attallah Piazza. No public gatherings to see spring plays, hear senior recitals or admire student research presentations.

But one thing the coronavirus can’t silence is the resilient spirit of the Chapman Family. In a remarkable outpouring of generosity, more than 1,300 donors participated in Chapman University’s Giving Day, raising slightly more than $1.1 million for its students and families in economic crisis because of the pandemic.

The day was highlighted with online and social media messaging about the hurdles students are facing during this challenging time. It also included four online live events, allowing participants around the world to engage with university leadership. The hosts shared campus news and discussed how donations would make a difference for students.

Giving Day 2020

Join us today for #ChapmanGivingDay! Our goal today is to bring all members of the Chapman Family together in support of our University to raise funds to respond to our most urgent priority – protecting the well-being of our students, faculty and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more and support the cause here:

Posted by Chapman University on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Momentum From Matching Gifts

Thanks to a generous group of parents, alumni and friends, led by trustees, governors and the President’s Cabinet, a number of matching programs were introduced to inspire greater support. The results were astonishing as the university raised nearly five times more this year than during last year’s Giving Day.

Donations continue to pour in, a response attributed to the community’s heartfelt desire to help students facing sudden and urgent needs.

Putting Focus on Students’ Emergency Needs

“In these unprecedented times, I am amazed and gratified by the response to our Giving Day. This outpouring of generosity truly demonstrates the depth of loyalty and dedication our entire community has for Chapman and the success of its students,” said Chapman President Daniele C. Struppa.

At last count, donors from across 37 states and five countries had contributed through the Giving Day campaign, which this year directly benefits the Chapman Fund’s COVID-19-related emergency resources.

“When we focused our Giving Day on the most urgent needs – our students and families in crisis – we knew we could count on the generosity of the entire Chapman Family – staff, faculty, parents, board members and friends,” said Sheryl Bourgeois, executive vice president of University Advancement. “This response was extraordinary, though. I am deeply grateful that so many stepped up to help our students, many of whom are facing very difficult challenges as an outcome of this pandemic. These Giving Day gifts will make an immediate difference in their lives.”

Support for Students and Families

As an unrestricted fund, the Chapman Fund allows the university to face a uniquely challenging time with swift capability. Among the needs it fills are:

  • Increased financial aid and scholarships
  • Housing, food and basic necessities
  • Emergency grants to support academic needs
  • Laptops and technological support required for distance learning
  • Emergency travel assistance
  • Other unforeseen needs stemming from the current crisis

In the last few weeks, the Chapman Fund already provided assistance to many when the university moved swiftly to close most student housing and shifted to remote instruction. In addition, the fund covered pay for all students on work-study, easing concerns over a sudden loss of income for those who depended on campus jobs as part of their financial aid packages.

While Giving Day may have ended, the Chapman Fund remains open for those wishing to contribute to emergency student needs. Learn more about helping students and families in crisis.




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