Sustainability 101: Have You Tried Composting?

It’s often the smallest things that have the greatest impact. Help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by composting any food waste that is left over from your lunch, office party or snack break. Compostable means that a product can break down into cardbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds or biomass in about 90 days. 

Did you know that the following items are compostable?

  • food waste
  • scraps such as tea bags, coffee grounds
  • egg shells
  • paper products such as paper towels, cardboard, coffee cup sleeves, or napkins
  • food and drink containers such as hot coffee cups, paper to-go containers, and pizza boxes (even when greasy or containing cheese)

You’ll find compost bins in all food service areas and in many central areas on campus. If you know of a space on campus that could use a bin, let the Office of Sustainability know!

Email the Office of Sustainability at or call (714) 997-7370. 

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SMCSTU20 Hannah Montante

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