Diversity and Inclusion Professional Development Series Invites All to Engage, Learn and Grow

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion has organized a professional development series for faculty, staff and graduate students throughout the spring semester.

With workshops beginning Feb. 25, the series will explore how individuals can help the University uphold its commitment to cultivating an inclusive environment.  

“We live at a time when growing polarization threatens the fabric of society. The politics of resentment and hate are surging in the United States and across the globe. The ideals of a multi-racial, multi-cultural democracy require that citizens confront these old problems by affirming the value of diversity and inclusion. Dialogue is the first step,” says Pete Simi, Ph.D., and associate professor of sociology. “As part of a larger effort, Chapman’s Diversity and Inclusion Professional Development Series can help students, staff, faculty and administrators engage different dimensions of diversity and inclusion, in part, by providing a supportive environment where tough questions can be asked about how Chapman can do better.”    

Sessions include “White Supremacy: Let’s Talk About It” with Pete Simi, Ph.D., “Education in the Age of Disinformation” with Ahmed Younis, Ph.D., J.D., “Supporting International Students” with special guest Raja Gopal Bhattar, Ph.D., and “Facilitating Transformative Dialogue: Building Inclusion Through Meaningful Engagement Across Differences” with special guest Alan Goff.

The full series schedule can be viewed here.

The series brings together a number of campus partners who have worked closely with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to create this dynamic program series. Campus partners include: Human Resources, the Dean of Students Office, the Fish Interfaith Center, Disability Services, the Veterans Resource Center, the Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Attallah College of Educational Studies, International Student Services and Facilities Management.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to attend workshops based on availability and work schedule.

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience to confirm your participation and reserve one of the available spaces.

Stephanie House