2/26 Faculty Needed to Review Grant Applications

The Center for Undergraduate Excellence is looking for full-time faculty members who would be willing to serve as reviewers of the 2020 SURF applications and Spring Scholarly/Creative Grant applications. For your participation, you will receive a letter of recognition, which we encourage you to include in your annual review. Plus, all reviewers will receive a gift card.

Access to proposals will be provided electronically and CUE will also send you proposal-specific links so that you can submit your reviews. Invariably you may be reviewing abstracts outside your immediate areas of expertise. We’re very confident you are all capable of assessing the merits of a given abstract. The reviews are simple and straightforward; each involves a few numerical (1-5) ratings and space for brief comments. (Note that comments are shared with the applicant and that some unsuccessful applicants use feedback to resubmit in the future.) The task shouldn’t take long, as we distribute the proposals so that no one reviewer is unduly burdened.

We anticipate distributing the SURF applications for review on Monday, Mar. 2 and Scholarly/Creative Grants on Apr. 10 . We request that you submit all SURF reviews by Monday, Mar. 16 and Scholarly/Creative Grants reviews by Friday, Apr. 24, although earlier is encouraged.

To let the CUE office know that you are willing to serve as a proposal reviewer, fill out the Reviewer Interest Form by Wednesday,  Feb. 26. This is a great opportunity both to learn about what other research and creative activity is happening around campus and to provide valuable feedback to undergraduate students on their proposal-writing.

Thank you for considering working with CUE.

Reviewer Interest Form

Stephanie House