Chapman University campus

Campus Community Encouraged to Access Chapman Support Services In response to a campus incident, the University reminds faculty and staff of resources, services.

As always, it is important for faculty and staff to know that there are many campus resources and support services available to them at Chapman.

Safety Resources

“We as a community, always look out for one another; if you see something concerning, call us 714-997-6763. We are here 24/7,” said Randy Burba, chief of public safety at Chapman.

Burba also encourages Chapman community members to familiarize themselves with these resources to enhance their safety on campus:

In addition, Burba advised that everyone on campus acquaint themselves with the location of emergency call boxes and the instructions provided in the emergency procedure placards posted throughout campus.

Here to Help

The Fish Interfaith Center is another important source of support, said The Rev. Gail Stearns, Ph.D., dean of the Fish Interfaith Center. The center’s chaplains are available to any campus community member.

“Everyone should know that we are here for them and that every member of the campus is important,” Stearns said.

Support services are also available at Frances Smith Center for Individual & Family Therapy.

Community Connections

During February Chapman observes Black History Month with a series of events organized by students at the Cross-Cultural Center and from the Black Student Union. Most of these events are open to staff and faculty as well.

Additionally, the dean of students will hold a Community Forum on Tuesday, Feb. 18, to discuss recent events and steps moving forward. Time and location details will follow soon.

Chapman Diversity Projects has scheduled a series of lunch events designed to foster dialogue and connection. Learn more at the Diversity and Inclusion blog.