Sustainability 101: Office Solutions for Green Purchasing

Looking to go green in your office? Office Solutions has several options that are compostable or otherwise eco-friendly.

View all their sustainable office supply options below:

It’s that simple. You can also reach out to Ken Gordon at Office Solutions by emailing

Make a Commitment to Going Green

The Green Department Certification program is designed to provide Chapman University departments with information, tools and resources for advancing sustainability in their daily operations and practices.

Participation in this program will engage your department in a semester-long assessment that will evaluate current operations and practices relating to topics such as energy consumption, waste production, printing/paper use and transportation methods.

Upon completion of the certification program, you will be provided with a sustainability rating, along with images and information to display on your website and in departmental work areas. To sign your department up, contact Dean or Department Head approval is required for participation.

Hannah Montante