Wellness 101: How to Access and Use Your ThrivePass

If your New Year’s resolutions are already getting difficult, now is the time to access your ThrivePass. 

As a Chapman employee, you can use ThrivePass to help pay for healthy living activities and resources. Each month, money will be deposited into your Wellness Savings Account (WSA) that you can spend on discounted wellness activities, services and products on the ThrivePass platform. 

Some of the vendors that ThrivePass has partnered with include (but are not limited to) Corepower Yoga, 24-Hour Fitness and Lifetime Athletic. You can even use your ThrivePass at spas and skincare salons. ThrivePass can be used towards golf green fees at local golf courses or for weight loss program fees or nutrition apps. 

Simply register your account and login to view the available options. 

There’s also a reimbursement feature that allows you to apply for reimbursement for wellness purchases that were made outside of the ThrivePass marketplace. These include fitness, health, healthy eating, mindfulness apps, financial resources and even parenting classes.  

You will receive a registration email from ThrivePass with instructions. If you do not receive an email or if you have questions, reach out to

SMCSTU20 Hannah Montante