Chapman Hosts Day One of ‘2019 Copenhagen Interpretation and Beyond’ Conference

Chapman University’s Center of Excellence in Earth Systems Modeling and Observations will host the first day of the 2019 Copenhagen Interpretation and Beyond Conference on Friday, Oct. 18, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m, in Argyros Forum, Room 209 A-B.

“The important point about the conference and the issues it will examine, among others, is not so much the specific and many successful predictions of quantum mechanics, but what is the meaning of observation and measurement in quantum mechanics? Which is related to the issue of the observer making decisions in our quantum universe. And then the question arises, who is the observer? Is the observer a human being? Is it an automatic recording machine? What does it mean?”.

These and other mind-bending topics and presentations will be interspersed with informal discussions, remarks and open participation, including questions and answers with the presenters. Topics include the meaning of the Copenhagen Interpretation, the orthodox view of quantum mechanics, alternative views, observation and measurement in quantum mechanics, collapse of the wave function, time and quantum field theory, complementarity and biological extensions.

The second day of the conference will focus on “Reimagining Consciousness: A Conversation Across the Physical and Life Sciences” and will be held at Loyola Marymount University.


  • “Where Does Quanta Meet Mind?” Jose Acacio De Barros, Ph. D., San Francisco State University
  • “Copenhagen Interpretation: An Enhanced Orthodox Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics,” Menas Kafatos, Ph.D., Chapman University
  • “Quantum Paradoxes: To Resolve or To Acquiesce?” Ruth E. Kastner, Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park
  • “Bohr, QBism, and Beyond,” Ulrich Mohrhoff, Ph.D., Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education, Pondicherry, India
  • “Complementarity in Biological Systems: A Complexity View,” Neil Theise, Ph.D., New York University School of Medicine

View the conference abstracts.

Conference admission is free for all Chapman students, faculty and staff. RSVP to ceesmo@chapman.edu.

Stephanie House

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