• What about the people who feel uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with a gender confused person? I don’t enjoy the idea of my daughter in the same bathroom with a penis yielding confused person who wants to be call female. When will Chapman have that day in awareness?

    • Folks who prefer to use the gendered, multi-stall restrooms will still have a plethora of options on campus. As you can see in this post, only a handful of restrooms (in buildings with other sets of gendered restrooms) will be transformed for this single day. I encourage you to look over this webpage from Portland Community College: https://www.pcc.edu/resources/qrc/gender-neutral.html and to consider that folks who are gender non-conforming/non-binary/trans are not “confused” and their gender identities are just as valid as yours, your daugther’s, and everyone else.

  • What is the point of this? I worked on a campus that tried this for a week and it was a DISASTER! The intent there was to appease students that felt bullied in the restroom based on their DNA, but not their ‘identity’. What wasn’t factored in was that the bullies could just follow them into whatever restroom they went into- it offered no ‘protection’. However, the actual # of bullying incidents was never factually determined in the first place. Further, staff time was totally sucked up with incidents where students went in restrooms just for shock factors, standing in there with their genitalia hanging out and waiting for females to walk in and scream, and peaking under and over stalls. If we don’t call them Mens/Womens rooms how about Innies/Outies? Or have fully secured stalls floor to ceiling? That campus had PLENTY of single unit family restrooms on campus as well- so there was already an option for folks who don’t want to go into a public restroom designated only for males or females.

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