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Elite vocalists, musicians from Chapman University to perform in concert series

Six of the most select musicians and vocalists from Chapman University have been selected to perform a series of intimate concerts in

Six of the most select musicians and vocalists from Chapman University have been selected to perform a series of intimate concerts in some of Massachusetts’ most historic churches on Saturday and Sunday, May 30-31.

This showcase tour features the rising stars from Chapman’s vocal and instrumental programs. Together they will bring to the concert stage an eclectic mix of masterworks and popular music in an exclusive series of unique performances made possible through generous support to the University’s music programs.

Concerts include

  • Saturday, May 30, at 7:30 p.m., at Second Congregational Church (United Church of Christ), 35 Conant St. #1, Beverly, Mass., 01915. Please RSVP at
  • Sunday, May 31, at 1 p.m. at Church of the Covenant, 65 Newbury St., Boston, Mass., 02116. No RSVP is needed for this event.

Soprano Yllary Cajahuaringa ’17

Recipient of a talent scholarship, performer at Disneyland special events and the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center.

Hometown: Placentia, Calif.

A Chapman highlight: One of my favorite pieces I have done at Chapman was the flower duet for the Glory of French Grand Opera scenes in the fall. The flower duet is so well known and I have always wanted to sing it. So getting to sing that, alongside my friend and colleague Alexandra Rupp, was a dream come true!

Musical start: I sang a lot of Peruvian folk songs as child because both my parents are Peruvian, so they would always have a song for when I was sad, happy, sleepy, or when I got hurt.

Baritone Daniel Emmet ’15

Presidential Scholar, 2015 Bramlage Opera Award, 2015 American Celebration Award, Winner of the 2015 Chapman Instrumental and Vocal Concerto Competition. Recently performed at the Palais Tedesco in Vienna, Austria, for a private event and at Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day concerts. Performed the musical tribute for Sandy Hook Elementary School victims during the Wendy Williams Show.

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nev.

Chapman highlight: I was able to perform a piece that I wrote, titled Amante, for my senior recital this past December. In January, I traveled to Prague, Czech Republic where I had recorded my first solo album with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and one of the songs that will be featured on the album is Amante. This musical work represents all the wonderful facets of my studies at Chapman University.

Musical start: The first song I remember singing over and over as a kid was the song Fame, from the movie-musical Fame. I used to sing that song at the top of my lungs in the backseat of my Dad’s Jeep every time we drove somewhere.

Violist Nickolas Kaynor ’15

Recipient of the M. & M. Griffiths Music Award. First prize, Frances Walton Competition; first prize, Chapman University Concerto Competition; second place, American String Teachers Association Concerto Competition. Attending the Manhattan School of Music in the fall for a master’s degree in classical viola.

Hometown: Melrose, Mass.

A Chapman highlight: One of my favorite pieces that I had the opportunity to play at Chapman was the Bartók Viola Concerto, which I performed with the Chapman Orchestra, as a result of having won Chapman’s Annual Concerto Competition.

Musical start: One set of works that I remember playing all the time as a child was Mozart’s Four Preludes and Fugues for String Trio. This was one of my father’s favorite pieces, so as a family we often read through it at my grandparents’ house. At first it was far above my level of playing and I desperately struggled to keep up with my family members. Gradually, it became easier and easier to the point where I could practically play it from memory (on violin or viola!). Now, it is still one of my favorite pieces, and I have even performed it once or twice in college.

Tenor Duke Kim ’15

A Hall-Musco Scholar, second-place winner of the Gwendolyn Roberts Young Artist Awards and recipient of scholarships from the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc (NATS) and New Century Singers Whittier to attend the Taos Opera Institute this summer.

Hometown: Seoul, Republic of Korea.

A Chapman highlight: One of my favorite pieces to sing at Chapman was Una furtiva lagrima from Elixir of Love by Donizetti. I had the opportunity to sing the entire role this year. Aside from the sheer beauty of this aria, it was especially meaningful to me because it came at the very end of the opera. Up to this point, I had already sung a good hour or so. So it was a testament of my technique. If I sang healthily throughout the opera the aria would come out beautifully. And I was very happy about the way I sang it!

Musical start: Ever since I heard R. Kelly’s I believe I can fly, it has not left my ears. The melody was so very catchy. And later on when I learned English, I realized that it had a beautiful meaning to it too. I still hum it randomly.

Mezzo-Soprano Alexandra Rupp ’17

A Hall-Musco Scholar and recipient of the Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

A Chapman highlight: To perform the auria Non so Piu from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro
I actually got to play a boy. I had such a blast finding the character of this piece and really putting myself in the place of such a radically different character than I’m used to playing. I

Musical start: I was absolutely in love with The Wizard of Oz. When I began singing around nine years old, I learned Somewhere Over the Rainbow and completely fell in love with both the song and the beautiful message behind it. I loved the song and the character of Dorothy so much, that I auditioned for the role in a children’s theatre production. I auditioned with girls who were 15 and 16 years old, so suffice to say, I didn’t get the role! I feel very proud of myself for being fearless and throwing myself at an opportunity like that, though. That song remains a staple in my repertoire and I will in fact be singing it on this upcoming tour!

Mezzo-Soprano Erin Theodorakis ’17

2015 National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc (NATS), first place winner for Sophomore Women; 2014 NATS LA first place winner for Freshman Women; 2013 Cappies award winner for Best Comedic Actress in a Musical; 2013 Footlighters Musical Theater West Scholarship Recipient; 2013 Stars of Tomorrow First Place winner and scholarship recipient in Female Classical division.

Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

A Chapman highlight: Our director Dr. Coker arranged a gorgeous rendition of At the River. The song alone is stunningly beautiful, but we also perform it in sign language as we sing. At the part of the piece where everybody expects a big loud chorus, we stop singing and only sign. It’s a very heartfelt moment. I really enjoy singing solo repertoire, but there’s just something magical about singing in a group of people.

Musical start: As a kid, my favorite song to sing was My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. When I was a toddler, I would make my family sit in the living room and watch me perform it. On more than one occasion. They started calling it The Erin Show and they all still make fun of me for it at holidays.




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