Move-in day for new freshmen — make way for soy milk, Texas stars and softball gear

group smiling

Jerry Price, Ph.D., dean of students and vice chancellor for student affairs and a Texas native, found some fellow Texans during his traditional move-in day rounds as he welcomed freshmen to campus. A rustic version of the Texas flag will find a special place in the room of Kirsten Holmes, of Denton, Texas. From left are Price, Kirsten Heckerman ’18, Holmes ’18, Kendall Devries ’18, and Evan Devries ’16, Kirsten Devries’ older brother.

No residence hall room is complete without something special from home. Along with bicycles, laptops and suitcases stuffed with clothes, the freshmen who make up the class of 2018 made sure to leave room for special or treasured belongings.

We caught a few new students during busy move-in day activities on Tuesday morning as they took a moment to show off their treasures for the camera.

Dawn Bonker

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