Professor’s little videos gather big following on new YouTube channel Alright TV

Faster than you can grab your smart phone and text “Check out this video,” a new series of mini-comedies produced by a Chapman University professor who pioneered super-short films has become one of the most-viewed series on the new YouTube Channel Alright TV.

Mr./Ms. Right is a comedic sketch series featuring blundering singles committing all manner of dating faux pas, from paper napkin hoarding to irksome phone cell habits. The series was created by Frank Chindamo, adjunct faculty at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. The three episodes combined have garnered more than 157,000 views since the first episode posted April 5.

Chindamo credits the viral sensation to the brains behind Alright TV, award-winning producer Tracey Edmonds, who created Alright TV to meet the needs of communities of faith interested in a tamer brand of YouTube entertainment.

“They needed to supplement their programming for people who were not so much into the racy humor. And they’ve seen enough cat videos,” Chindamo says.

Enter Fun Little Movies, Chindamo’s production company dedicated to the genre of short web entertainment, from mini-movies to television series. Chindamo is producing the series, which will post a new sketch each week, some with the option for viewers to choose how the date concludes.

Chindamo, who teaches the art and business of web video, says the bite-sized genre is only going to get bigger, and film students are increasingly seeing it as “another arrow in their quiver.”

Meanwhile, grab that cell phone and check out Mr./Ms Right. It just might be the next little big thing.

Dawn Bonker

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