Janes Financial Center equips students with tools for real-time portfolio management


Professor Jack Broughton, immediate past director of the Hoag Center for Real Estate and Finance, with a student in the new Janes Financial Center.

Chapman University’s Argyros School of Business and Economics has opened the Janes Financial Center.  Housed in Beckman Hall, the trading floor-like center provides students and the entire campus community with real time financial information and state-of-the-art financial analysis technology.

The center is equipped with 12 Bloomberg terminals, the industry standard for detailed financial data and sophisticated data analysis.  The center also has an interactive market wall and a variety of large LCD screens for displaying dynamic market data, video, and customized information, including 76 feet of full-color LED stock tickers wrapping around the outside of the center.

“In planning the center, it was essential that we provided students with access to Bloomberg terminals,” said Jack Broughton, immediate past director of Chapman’s Hoag Center for Real Estate and Finance. “These are used throughout the equity, fixed-income, commodity and real estate sectors by analysts and portfolio managers, as well as by corporate financial managers. Graduates of the Argyros School who have experience with Bloomberg terminals will enjoy a significant advantage in the job market because they will be able to make immediate contributions to employers.”

Under new leadership of Fadal Lawandy as of Jan. 1, the center consists of a main instructional facility and a conference room.  The main facility is used as a classroom for investments and portfolio management courses, as a lab for students involved with the school’s student managed investment fund, and as a venue for events for both the internal and external communities.

“The Financial Center will support our undergraduate and graduate programs, principally in finance,” commented Argyros School Dean Reggie Gilyard. “Our portfolio management course, which is the vehicle for managing our $1 million plus portfolio, will hold all its class sessions in the center.  We envision our investments courses to also make frequent use of the facility.”

In addition to classes, the center will serve as a lab with open hours where students will work on assignments and conduct research.  The construction costs were about $400,000 and were funded through a generous gift by David A. Janes, vice chairman of the Chapman University Board of Trustees, and the earnings of the Student Managed Investment Fund.

An official event to celebrate the new center is planned for Feb. 5, at 6 p.m., and will feature William “Bill” Thompson, retired chief executive officer of
, as keynote speaker.

Dawn Bonker

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