Disney’s new animated short “Paperman” will screen Friday, Dec. 7, in Folino Theater.

Disney’s ‘Paperman’ among animated shorts to be screened at Folino Theater

To steal a line from Bugs Bunny, one of animation history’s greatest characters — This is it! The “it” being the ever-popular “Animation Show of Shows,” a touring animation festival set to make a pit stop Friday, Dec. 7, at 6:30 p.m. in Folino Theater at Marion Knott Studios.

Thirteen new animated short films have been assembled for the show, including John Kahrs’ inspiring romantic Disney short “Paperman.”

But be advised this is not a children’s program. Several edgier films with adult themes will also be screened. To read more about the films, guests and the new 3D capabilities at Folino, visit the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts blog.

Dawn Bonker

Dawn Bonker


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