Interdisciplinary crew travels to Mozambique for documentary film project


One of many picturesque moments captured by students this summer who traveled to Mozambique with the “Destination: Africa” interdisciplinary travel course.

A team of Chapman University film and law students traveled to Mozambique this summer to film “Documentary: Africa,” an interdisciplinary project with Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman School of Law and Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Science. They share some beautiful photos and travel stories in posts on the
Dodge College
and the
Chapman Law

“Destination: Africa” is a student documentary series that brings visibility to the work of non-governmental organizations. Jeff Swimmer, associate professor in Dodge College, was the faculty team leader. Other participating faculty included John Hall, professor, School of Law, Michael Kowalski, associate professor, Dodge College, and Crystal Murphy, assistant professor, Department of Political Science, Wilkinson College.

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