Book on over to Leatherby for summer reading — the puppets will thank you

Jane Austen and Andy Warhol need our help.

They’re among the “Magnetic Personalities” finger puppets trapped in a box at Leatherby Libraries, awaiting rescue by summer readers in the Community of Readers program.

The finger puppets are a traditional favorite prize in the annual program, now in its sixth year. It’s open to Chapman University students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as community members who purchase a community library card. Members select books from the Leatherby Libraries and receive prizes upon submission of their first review. Just one review earns the reader a tote bag and bookmark. Three reviews wins readers a highly-coveted finger puppet of their choice. Keep reading and reviewing for even more prizes. Monthly drawings, too.

Visit the Community of Readers website to get started and peruse some suggested reading lists. And remember to check out President Doti’s annual reading recommendations, too.


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