NASA trip a journey of discovery, even without launch

Shuttle Discovery waits for final launch. Photo/MSNBC

 Expeditions don’t always go the way they’re planned, but we’re reminded this week in the blog Lofty Ambitions that there’s still plenty to learn from the experience of hitting the road and aiming high.

Anna Leahy, Ph.D., associate professor of English at
Chapman University
, and Douglas Dechow., Ph.D., associate librarian at
Leatherby Libraries
, had hoped to be on site early this month for the final launch of the
space shuttle from Cape Canaveral, Fla. They’ve been writing about their trip in
Lofty Ambitions
, where they’ve chronicled the mechanical and weather troubles that finally led to NASA’s postponement of the launch until at least Nov. 30. Alas, Drs. Leahy and Dechow won’t be able to return to Florida then.  But in a post titled
Countdown to the Cape: Meaning in the No-Go
they reflect that it’s all “part of the story.”

Dawn Bonker

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