International earthquake conference opens at Chapman

The electric and magnetic effects associated with earthquakes and volcanoes like the Eyjafjallajokull eruption in Iceland are among topics of conference this week.

Chapman University
is honored to host the
2010 EMSEV International Conference and Workshop
, bringing distinguished scientists from all over the world to our campus to provide an international forum for discussion and cooperation on issues related to electromagnetic (EM) studies of earthquakes and volcanoes.  EMSEV, established in 1999, is held every two years at various locations around the world. 

Its main objectives are to promote cooperation and collaboration between scientists and research groups in both developed and developing countries on observations and research into electric and magnetic effects associated with earthquakes and volcanoes.  Although not a forum for earthquake predictions, EMSEV scientists analyze EM phenomena which can occur pre-seismically.  Although the existence of pre-seismic EM phenomena is far from universally accepted in the scientific community, these scientists are carrying out extensive studies of the data, now performed more accurately than ever with more sophisticated tools, in association with other remote sensing methods.

The results are becoming clearer and more convincing, and some very interesting findings will be presented at this conference, which was organized by Ramesh Singh, Ph.D. of the
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Schmid College of Science at Chapman University
.  This is a conference for working scientists and is not open to the public, although media coverage is encouraged.  Contact Dr. Singh at
or 714-289-2057.

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