Scholar to present special talk Thursday at Chapman

Swiss physicist Leonhard Euler, for whom Euler's Formula was named.

Euler’s Formula, named for Swiss physicist Leonhard Euler, will be the topic of a special Math/CS seminar at
Chapman University
presented by Dan Zaffran, Ph.D., from
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).
Dr. Zaffran will deliver his talk “Euler’s Formula and (much) More” at 10 a.m. Thursday, July 22, in Von Neumann Hall 116, 545 W. Palm Ave.

In an abstract of the talk, Zaffran explains: “A cube has F=6 faces, E=12 edges and V=8 vertices. A pyramid with a square base has F=5 faces, E=8 edges and V=5 vertices. Euler discovered in 1750 that for these two cases, or for any other polyhedron, F-E+V=2. He published the result, but he confessed that he was not able to prove it! This celebrated ‘Euler’s formula’ is the starting point of many results and conjectures in higher dimensions. I will explain some of them, and focus on the surprising methods that have been used to solve these problems: topological manifolds and their algebraic topology and algebraic geometry.” For more information, call 714-628-7344.

Dawn Bonker

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