Happenings How-to at noon today! Come chip in your ideas

Does Happenings go online just once a week? How do we find a news item that ran two weeks ago? Can I comment on a Happenings story? Will there be cookies and coffee at this meeting?

If ever you’ve wondered what’s up with Happenings or have any questions about how to participate in Chapman’s news blog, please plan to attend the “Happenings How-To” brown bag lunch TODAY, May 3, at noon in Argyros Forum 209. Mary Platt, director of communications and media relations, Public Relations Editor Dennis Arp and Happenings editor Dawn Bonker will talk about how to navigate and contribute to the blog, as well as take comments about how Happenings can be improved or features you would like to see added to the blog. That’s the beauty of the blog format – it’s flexible and you can contribute.

And to answer that big question, yes there will be cookies and coffee at this meeting. Hope to see you there!

Dawn Bonker