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SPECTRUM 1 NEWS: Training students to help OC’s growing aging population

NYT: Snowplow Parents Are Ruining Online Grading

CITY NEWS SERVICE: It May Pay to Wait for Deals This Holiday Season In Orange County Spending is down in Orange County, but shopping centers are offering holiday events to attract families.

NPR: Many voters say Congress is broken. Could proportional representation fix it?

INDIEWIRE: Does Marvel Have a Gen-Z Problem? Just 19% of ‘The Marvels’ Audience Was 18-24 Just 19 percent of "The Marvels" audience was 18-24; compare that to 40 percent for "Captain Marvel."

THE PROVIDENCE JOURNAL: Dear Abby: War Letters Project marks 25th year as work continues

THE NEW YORK TIMES: ‘Vortenses’ and the Storms of Space-Time In verse and in color, a Nobel physicist and a visual artist collaborate to portray black holes, gravitational waves and other preposterous features of Einstein’s universe.

VARIETY: ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Box Office: Is Martin Scorsese’s $200 Million Epic a Hit or Flop?

KTLA: Making Halloween Dreams Come True

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Just seeing a sick person can trigger your immune system, Chapman professor finds Column: As sick season approaches, a local biology professor probes a fascinating mind-body connection

CONSTRUCTION SPECIFIER: California orange factory transformed into diaphanous dance center

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Hilbert Museum of California Art at Chapman University will triple in size in 2024

CNN: They told a famous story about being abducted by space aliens. A new book says it’s really about racism

THE NEW YORK TIMES: What to Know About the Health Risks of Chemical Hair Straighteners The Food and Drug Administration plans to propose banning the use of formaldehyde in hair straighteners, which have been linked to increased cancer risk.

FORBES: 5 Predictable Mistakes That Result In Dreadful Presentations

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Restoration starts on historic Killefer School for Chapman University’s quantum studies

NEXT BIG FUTURE: US Navy Funds Thin Film LK99 Room Temperature Superconductor Research

NURSING PROGESS.ORG: 16 Best Physician Assistant Schools in California – 2023

HEALTH IMPACT NEWS: Mexico Takes a Stand Against U.S. Big Ag and GMO Corn to Protect Their Native Varieties of Mexican Corn

LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE: $10 million gift from George and Julianne Argyros Elevates School to College

LOS ANGELES TIMES: O.C. Sustainability Decathlon, coming to fairgrounds Oct. 5, proves it is easy being green

THE ATLANTIC: Is Biden Relying on the Wrong Slogan?

ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL: Chapman Debuts 1st ‘Community Supercomputer’

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Argyros family give another $10 million to Chapman University

BEST COLLEGES: Chapman University Will Turn Business School Into College With $10 Million Gift The Argyros family made a $10 million donation to help create the George L. Argyros College of Business and Economics.

WASHINGTON JEWISH WEEK: The Elephant Outside the Room

THE ADVOCATE: Louisiana’s population has flatlined, even as neighboring states surge

AI JAZEERA: Why is Mexico standing up to bigger neighbours US, Canada on corn? Mexico has barred the import of GMO corn for human consumption, raising the ire of exporter US where most corn is GMO.

ABC NEWS: Behind all the speechmaking at the UN lies a basic, unspoken question: Is the world governable? At the United Nations, “multilateralism” is always the goal, however fragmented and complex

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: Why does Donald Trump attack the Ronald Reagan Library? Despite its prominence nationwide, the library draws ire from Trump who is seeking his party’s nomination

AP: Behind all the speechmaking at the UN lies a basic, unspoken question: Is the world governable?

SCIENCE NEWS NET: The Invisible Labor of Adult Daughters: Baylor Expert Highlights the Valuable Role of Adult ‘Daughtering’

AZURE: LOHA Re-Energizes a California Orange Warehouse as a Dance Centre

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Marquee Writers Push for Negotiations, but Their Clout May Not Matter

ABC NEWS: Influencer 101? These colleges are teaching students the business of being an influencer

GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGY: Disaster Zone Podcast: ‘A Growing Threat of Violence Against Public Officials’

NEW YORK TIMES: The Top U.S. Colleges With the Greatest Economic Diversity

WEB TODAY: Prosecutors Have Options In Doctor Investigation Case, Experts Say

PSY POST: Religious beliefs and premarital abstinence: New study explores intimacy dynamics among Christian couples

SCREEN CRAFT: What is the best screenwriting education? Ranking the top five screenwriting education options for screenwriters.

KCRW: Hollywood’s AI unease extends to crews and animators

SAN FRANCISCO CLASSICAL VOICE: Southern California Connects With Complexions Contemporary Ballet

AIA CA: 2023 DESIGN AWARD RECIPIENT Sandi Simon Center for Dance at Chapman University – Merit Award

DANCE MAGAZINE: Dwight Rhoden Brings Contemporary Ballet and Professional Connections to Chapman University Chapman University Fowler Law Receives $15M Donation

C-SPAN Podcasts: Ep. 129 Luke Nichter, “The Year That Broke Politics”

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Chapman’s law school will use most of $15 million gift for scholarships


THE TIMES: A Netflix hit for Meghan: why Suits came back into fashion

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Tropical forests may be warming to a point where plant photosynthesis fails, study warns

ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL: Chapman Gets $15M Gift Chairman Kennedy makes one of school's largest donations

NEWSMAX: Experts Agree Trump Won Debate by Not Showing Up

VICE: It’s Getting Too Hot for Tropical Trees to Photosynthesize, Scientists Warn

THE MESSENGER: Space-Based Sensors Help Spy on Tropical Trees, See a Potential Warming Tipping Point

CNN: Parts of tropical rainforests could get too hot for photosynthesis, study suggests

ABC NEWS: Some plants in tropical forests have stopped undergoing photosynthesis due to global warming, scientists say Tropical forests are reaching critical thresholds due to climate change.

FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM: Threats against public officials on the rise as 2024 nears

AR INSIDER: AI’s Latest Conquest: Sci-Fi Shorts

ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL: OC Leader Board: Hollywood Faces Paradigm Shift

MUSICAL WORLD AMERICA: Danko Druško Takes the Baton as Assistant Professor of Orchestral Studies for the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music at Chapman University

Chapman University’s College of Performing Arts proudly announces the appointment of Danko Druško, who assumes the role of Assistant Professor of Orchestral Studies within the esteemed Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music, beginning with the fall 2023 semester.

CA POLITICAL REVIEW: New research shows some of California’s most affordable cities saw biggest rent increases

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: ChatGPT-wary universities scramble to prepare for new school year Many schools are realizing they need to find a way to live with AI.

NEWSWEEK: Georgia DA Sounds Alarm on ‘Very Dangerous’ Aspect of Political Threats

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: OPINION: Prosperity, not handouts, key to aiding poor

WHITTIER DAILY NEWS: Prosperity, not handouts, key to aiding poor Raymond Sfeir, director of the A. Gary Anderson Center for Economic Research at Chapman University, says, “A guaranteed income in my view provides less incentive for people to find work.”

NY POST: Men are failing women during sex — here’s how to change that: expert

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Military recruiters lax on screening for extremism; Many neglect to ask basic questions, Pentagon says

LAist: In Midst Of Corruption Probe, These Community Activists Are Anaheim’s Unsung Heroes Anaheim residents spent years documenting corruption before the FBI and private investigators stepped in to help.

CBC: Hunter Biden continues to be a political headache for his father. But just how damaging is he?

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: 2023 Top 25 American Film Schools, Ranked From Pasadena to Providence, the filmmaking talents of tomorrow are honing skills at these 25 storied institutions that boast Shonda Rhimes, the Duffer brothers and Pete Docter as alums.

NBC LOS ANGELES: New research shows some of Calif.’s most affordable cities saw biggest rent increases California's inland cities had the highest hikes in rent in the state, increasing as much as 40% since 2020, according to new data.

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: Consensual Non-Monogamy: Fact and Fiction

WEST OBSERVER: Hollywood actors on strike, but many A-list celebrities still working. Inside side deals debate

PHYSICS: Radar Resolution Gets a Boost


CAL MATTERS: College students with Hollywood dreams see industry strikes as key to livable careers

THE NEW YORK TIMES: What G.D.P.’s Cousin Can Tell Us About the Economy

INSIDER: I took a chance and wrote my college essay about wanting to be like Barbie. I was accepted into one of the world’s top film schools.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Review: A smartly cast staging of ‘Rent’ breathes life into O.C.’s summer theater season

SCIENCE DAILY: Super Radar: Breakthrough radar research overcomes a nearly century-old trade-off between wavelength and distance resolution

LAist: Black Women Weigh Emerging Risks of ‘Creamy Crack’ Hair Straighteners

ABC7: Chapman MBA student featured in ‘LA Rams Cheerleaders: Making the Squad’

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Chapman gives high schoolers hands-on pharmacy experience

POPULAR SCIENCE: Space junk is a precious treasure trove to some archaeologists

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Why didn’t you vote, Orange County?

AIR AND SPACE FORCES: Editorial: Build an Air Force

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Despite Acquittal, Kevin Spacey Faces Uphill Battle for Hollywood Roles

LAist: Anaheim To Release Long-Awaited Report On Influence-Peddling At City Hall

FOX NEWS: Amid California exodus, state population projected to be same in 2060 as today, data shows Residents continue fleeing California as Golden State population projections plummet

MOVIEMAKER: The 25 Best Film Schools in the U.S. and Canada, 2023

NEW YORK TIMES POST: The US military integrated 75 years ago. It forever changed the way America works.

USA TODAY: The US military integrated 75 years ago. It forever changed the way America works.

CALIFORNIA HEALTHLINE: Black Women Weigh Emerging Risks of ‘Creamy Crack’ Hair Straighteners

REUTERS: Twitter blue bird has flown as Musk says X logo is here

SPACE.COM: Archaeology on the moon: How to preserve spaceflight artifacts from Apollo era

NEW YORK FOLK (NYF): Moore Money, More Tax Problems? Analyzing Moore V. United States

NBC: What is aspartame and are there risks associated with it?

SCIENCE DAILY: Climate scientist finds new way to measure the Earth’s ability to offset carbon emissions

LOS ANGELES TIMES: So what is ‘Bidenomics’ anyway? Certainly not the key to President Biden’s reelection

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The Ukraine War Wouldn’t Have Surprised Richard Nixon A declassified 1994 letter to Bill Clinton shows how well the former president understood the Russians.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: ‘Everybody liked him’: Chapman staff remembers beloved former AD Dave Currey

NBC LOS ANGELES: News Conference: When is a Strike just a Strike?

BLOOMBERG: Free Money Is the Latest Strategy for GOP Presidential Campaigns

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: How Can a Movie Be Marketed Without Stars? A PR Dilemma Amid Actors Strike

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: How Can a Movie Be Marketed Without Stars? A PR Dilemma Amid Actors Strike

YAHOO! FINANCE: Instagram Threads hits 100 million users, becoming easily the fastest growing app ever

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: California-Nevada Theater Owners Announce 2023 Grants and Scholarships

FOX NEWS: Mexico must end violence against Catholic priests More must be done to bring attention to violence against priests

VOICE OF OC: Reitz: Climate Action Plan

BNN: ‘Twitter Killer’ Threads Tops Apple’s App Store, Celebrity Sign-ups Include Kim Kardashian and Gordon Ramsay

REUTERS: Meta’s Threads is a serious threat to Musk-owned Twitter, analysts say

FORBES: Beware Technophobia Spreading Amid AI Fears And Calls For Delay

MOVIEGUIDE: TikTok Users ‘Dying’ After Consuming Gimace Milkshake

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Supreme Court upholds equal rights, strikes down discriminatory ‘affirmative action’ schemes

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION: College Presidents Are All Over the Map About the End of Race in Admissions

ENTREPRENEUR: McDonald’s Grimace Is on the Loose Again, ‘Grimace Shake’ Taking Over TikTok

BROADWAY WORLD: Musco Center for the Arts at Chapman University Sets the Stage For 2023-24 Fall/Winter Season

CNN: McDonald’s bet on viral success with its Grimace shake. TikTok users are pretending it killed them

FORBES: The McDonald’s Grimace Shake’s Viral (And Gruesome) TikTok Trend, Explained

TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION: Using critical thinking and interrogation skills to harness the power of AI

ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL: OC to Feel Impact Of Recession: Chapman

USA TODAY: ‘I’m wired differently’: What it feels like to be polyamorous and how couples make it work

THE REAL DEAL: OC home prices expected to fall by 11% as recession looms Chapman University economists predicts mild downturn led by higher interest rates

ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL: OC Home Prices Sliding: Chapman ‘Downward drift’ in local job growth

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Recession will cut Orange County home prices 11%, Chapman forecasts The Federal Reserve’s interest rates hikes are the key reason.


THE FORWARD: The shocking truth about Wikipedia’s Holocaust disinformation Why Wikipedia cannot be trusted: It repeatedly allows rogue editors to rewrite Holocaust history and make Jews out to be the bad guys

DIVERSE ISSUES IN HIGHER EDUCATION: Chapman University Receives $1 Million to Reinforce Financial Safety Net for Students

LOS ANGELES TIMES: ‘The Flash’: How to release a movie when the star is radioactive

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Orange County voters’ approval of Sen. Dianne Feinstein on a steady decline

LOS ANGELES TIMES: ‘Gospel Voices of OC’ back at Musco Center with new script, just in time for Juneteenth

WORLD ATLAS: Best College Towns In Southern California

POLITICO: Playbook PM: Dam disaster — COVID kickoff — Kemi plays with fire

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: James Doti: The success of the OC Marathon is capitalism in action

USA TODAY: In the TikTok era, people aren’t just getting angry. They’re getting even.

DEADLINE: CAA Sets Dates, Lineup For 8th Annual Moebius Film Festival

Creative Artists Agency announced on Monday that the eighth edition of CAA Moebius, their annual screening series showcasing diverse student filmmakers from around the globe, will return as a live event from June 7-8. The 2023 lineup for CAA Moebius, which is taking place in CAA’s Ray Kurtzman Theater, features storytellers from Malaysia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, China [...]

KTLA: Heartbeat of Mexico festival held in Orange

ABC7: Favor repaid: Ukrainian family finds refuge in Los Angeles decades after ancestors saved a life

NBC NIGHTLY NEWS: Celebrating the Class of 2023

NBC NIGHTLY NEWS: Angela Bassett delivers Chapman University’s commencement speech

EDUCATION WEEK: Women of Color Bring Special Strengths to the Superintendency, New Research Suggests

Women of color make up about 3 percent of the country’s K-12 superintendents. But there are a lot of unknowns about their path to the superintendency, the skills they bring to the job, and the reasons they’re hired for the role. Some new research is beginning to point to specific talents that they bring to [...]

DEZEEN: LOHA creates dance school within historic orange-packing building in southern California

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Who’s fact-checking Wikipedia editors who distort, misinform?

USA TODAY: Angela Bassett, award-winning actress, director and executive producer – Chapman University

INSIDER: 9 non-monogamy terms that show there’s no one way to have a fulfilling relationship

INSIDER: 9 non-monogamy terms that show there’s no one way to have a fulfilling relationship

ORANGE COAST: Gospel Voices of OC Juneteenth Celebration Returns to Chapman’s Musco Center for the Arts The concert featuring more than 100 Black and diverse performers takes place June 10.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: 23 graduation caps with unique messages from Southern California’s 2023 seniors

TIME: Western States Finally Strike Colorado River Deal. But The Hard Work Has Only Just Begun

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Why is GOP’s Marjorie Taylor Greene giving money to OC Rep. Michelle Steel? From its impact on swing voters to solidifying where Steel fits in the GOP, analysts weigh in on the campaign donation

Rep. Michelle Steel is one of several House Republicans who got a financial boost from Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene already this campaign cycle. In a district where Democrats have a slight advantage, could a donation from one of the more polarizing GOP lawmakers impact Steel’s race? On top of her $275,000 donation to the campaign arm [...]

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL: Wikipedia bans editors but sidesteps broader action in Holocaust distortion row Online encyclopedia bars 3 editors from working on articles related to Holocaust in Poland, but avoids stance on underlying dispute over Polish antisemitism and complicity Newly described species of dome-headed dinosaur may have sported bristly headgear

PEOPLE: Travis Barker Rocks Out in N.Y.C., Plus Kim Petras, Angela Bassett, Javier Bardem and More From Hollywood to New York and everywhere in between, see what your favorite stars are up to

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Angela Bassett helps Chapman University celebrate its Class of 2023

EPOCH TIMES: Los Angeles’s Office Market Is in Even More Trouble Than Before

TODAY’S DIETITIAN: Are Greater Fat Stores Associated With Faster Brain Aging?

AR INSIDER: Is AI the History Eraser Button?

THE WRAP: Sherry Lansing Named Chapman’s Dodge College Commencement Speaker

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Tom Campbell: The House Problem Solvers Caucus can help avoid debt ceiling calamity

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: As Title 42 expires, what should Southern California expect?

GLOBAL DESIGN NEWS: Lorcan O’ Herlihy Architects transforms a former orange packing house into a performing arts center for Chapman University

MARKET SCREENER: Trump repeats falsehoods, mocks during CNN town hall

ANIMATION WORLD: Chapman’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Receives $2.5 million Gift

KNX: White supremacy attracting more people who aren’t white

WIRED: The Modern World Is Aging Your Brain In a remote part of the Amazon, anthropologists and neuroscientists are learning about life and health without an “embarrassment of riches.”

JUST SECURITY: Introduction to Expert Statements on Democracy and Political Violence, submitted to January 6th House select committee

ARCHITECTURAL RECORD: Lorcan O’Herlihy Packs the House for a New Dance Center at Chapman University

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Fossils are helping Chapman University students find new passions Students are helping uncover the bones of a 78-million-year-old dinosaur

INVERSE: iSpace Crash Highlights Why Apollo Sites Need Protection, Say Archaeologists As commercial missions to the Moon ramp up, historic landing sites are vulnerable to robotic tourism, crash landings, and other damage.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Orange County Artist of the Year winners announced

REUTERS: Is Biden too old to run for re-election?

TODAY: Leg-lengthening surgery is gaining popularity among men seeking to be taller, doctors say

NEW YORK TIMES: They’re Over Being Real BeReal was pitched as Gen Z’s safe haven from the artifice of social media. For some, authenticity only proved interesting for so long.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Angela Bassett named commencement speaker at Chapman University

KCAL NEWS: Chapman student gets entire class out of final by passing professor’s social media challenge

INSIDER: A professor promised to cancel a final exam if his class made a TikTok video that got a million views

THE EPOCH TIMES: More Than 250,000 People Have Left San Francisco Bay Area Since Pandemic

NEW YORK TIMES: Want an A in His Class? You Had Better Go Viral. A marketing professor gave his students a challenge: If they made a video that got a million views, the final exam would be canceled.

FORWARD: A survivor of sexual genocide seeks Nuremberg-level justice Nadia Murad wants the world to bring wartime rapists to trial

WIRED: How Do People Live in Orbit? Ask the Space Archeologists

NATURE MIDDLE EAST: South American tribes more resilient to brain ageing than Westerners

THE 19TH: Nearly 300,000 women served during the Iraq War. Two decades later, they remain ‘the invisible veterans.’ The increase in women soldiers, and the visibility of their service, led to policy changes over the next 20 years.

OCBJ: Chapman Appoints Legal Ethics Expert Paul Paton as New Law School Dean

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Oscars Analysis: Why ‘Everything Everywhere’ — and the Academy — Won

VOICE OF OC: Local Government and Climate Change

THE HILL: The West’s weather whiplash should not influence long-term water management

ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT GAZETTE: Americans Have a Slew of Fears

LA TIMES: Column: There’s no home field advantage in California for Vice President Kamala Harris

OCBJ: 24 Carrots Adds Old Towne Orange Hotel Venue

NBC: Chips and Air— Why Your Favorite Snack Bags Are Always Half-Full

DEADLINE: ‘City of God’ Director Fernando Meirelles to Work with Chapman University Students

DIVERSITYINC: Walt Disney Company Selected as a Top Employer by Chapman University

OCMUSICDANCE.ORG: OCMD named a top employer by Chapman University

MILITARY.COM: Trading on Patriotism: How Extremist Groups Target and Radicalize Veterans

ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL: Chapman Launches $500M Campaign

THE WASHINGTON POST: Ready or Not, AI is Coming

DAPS MAGIC: The Walt Disney Company Selected By Chapman University As A Top Employer Of 2023

BERGERKAHN: Berger Kahn Honored as a Chapman University Top Employer 2023

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Chapman University unveils five-year plan, $500 million fundraising campaign

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Oil company profits and the ‘invisible hand’ of the market

SAN DIEGO JEWISH WORLD: Research Reveals Wikipedia’s Intentional Distortion of the History of the Holocaust

THE 19TH: How many words Biden spent on abortion and LGBTQ+ issues in his State of the Union — and why it matters

WGN RADIO: Explaining charges against Alec Baldwin in the ‘Rust’ shooting

AP NEWS: Biden aims to deliver reassurance in State of Union address

ORANGE REVIEW: A Leap of Art at Chapman University’s Musco Center

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Expansion starts on tripling the size of Chapman University’s Hilbert Museum

CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION: Learning the Unspoken Rules A boot camp gets autisitic students ready for the work force.

COLUMBUS CEO: The Iraq War: A 20-year Retrospective Symposium

ORANGE COAST MAGAZINE: What It’s Like To: Discuss Mental Health at the White House Chapman alumna Justine Bautista was invited to present her ideas at a youth mental health forum at the nation’s capital.

MLB.COM: Dodgers add Stephen Nelson to TV broadcast team

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Free Will Is Only an Illusion if You Are, Too

OCBJ: Chapman’s Film School Dean Stephen Galloway Seeks ‘Hollywood Osmosis’

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Californians Aren’t the Only Tax Refugees

DIVIDEND INVESTOR: Dividend-Paying Defense Stocks Rise in Race for Space

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Five Chapman Faculty Members Make OC’s List of 125 Most Influential People

LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE: David Zaslav’s Rocky Ride as Hollywood’s Newest Czar

SPECTRUM NEWS1: Orange County adds jobs, but unemployment rate sees small slip

Students From Underserved Communities Earn Scholarships to Chapman Thanks to Women in Entertainment

Four talented high school seniors from underserved communities have earned full-ride scholarships to Chapman University thanks to the generosity of donors and the Women in Entertainment Mentorship Program. The announcement was made Dec. 7 during the annual Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast gala in Los Angeles. The event is held in conjunction with publication […]

INSIDE HIGHER ED: Crossing the Border, Building a Bridge Research by Chapman University Professor Nancy Rios-Contreras provides a vivid portrait of migrant life and adds depth to the experience of her students.

BROADWAY WORLD: Ballet Folklórico De Los Angeles and Mariachi Garibaldi De Jamie Cuéllar Present Their Annual Holiday Spectacular

4STATE NEWS: The rise of social media app BeReal – Will it reign supreme over TikTok in the next few years?

VOICE OF OC: Is OC’s Old Brand of Conservative Republican Sunsetting?

CALIFORNIA INSIDER: California Moves to Require $22 Minimum Wage…What’s the Problem?

WALL STREET JOURNAL: What Shopping Did for American Equality

MSN: Scientists call new Netflix ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ series a conspiracy theory

WALL STREET JOURNAL: ‘How the Victorians Took Us to the Moon’ Review: Partial Progress The innovations of the 19th century are numerous. Imagine how much more could have been achieved had women been allowed to participate.

FORBES: How to Communicate Corporate Values to External Audiences

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Democrats move to change presidential primary calendar

SPECTRUM NEWS1: Two Members of Oath Keepers Found Guilty of U.S. Sedition

TIMES OF SAN DIEGO: Black Friday Could Fall Short As Shoppers Struggle with Inflation Outpacing Wage Gains

Voters make change for the Anaheim City Council

NEBRASKA PUBLIC MEDIA: Threats to election security won’t subside after ballots are cast

DIVIDEND INVESTOR: Six Income Investments Offer Ways to Make Big Oil Plays

MSN: Palm Desert Choreography Festival returns for 25th anniversary

THE WRAP: Dodge College Holds Firm at No. 4 on the Top 50 Film Schools for 2022

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: What’s real for the election? Hard to tell from what’s in your mailbox

DAILY POST: New Mexico Woman Donates 250 War Time Letters to The Center for American War Letters

NEW YORK TIMES: Pelosi Attack Highlights Rising Fears of Political Violence

LOS ANGELES TIMES: An installation by artist Richard Turner imagines the night sky, 18th century style

CBS LOS ANGELES: Chapman Engineering Students Make 3D-Printed Halloween Costumes and Accessories for Children Chapman engineering students make and deliver Halloween items to students at Higher Ground in Anaheim.

LA TIMES: From scare-actors to ofrenda artists, L.A.’s October’s spooky season is back in full force

SEA GRANT CALIFORNIA: A Study of a Marsh Ecosystem Grows into a Consideration of What Science Can Be By embracing complexity and nuance, Chapman University’s Richelle Tanner is searching for a more inclusive and effective approach to biology

LOS ANGELES TIMES: As Kanye West’s business partners back away, rapper buys right-wing social-media platform

ORANGE COAST MAGAZINE: Heartbeat of Mexico at Musco Center for the Arts

REPORTER NEWSPAPERS: Judge accused of faking correspondence in hate crime case

CIO: 12 Things Every CIO Must Get Done in Year One

ORANGE COAST MAGAZINE: Culturephile: Star-Crossed

THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE: Savannah Film Fest: Seeking signs from the other side

NBC LA: Renewable Energy Will Be Coming to Some Orange County Cities Soon, But What’s the Cost?

THE SCIENTIST: Research Pinpoints the Neurons Behind Feeling Sick

BOREAL: Portrait of a forest on the climate edge in northeastern Minnesota: A photo essay

PHARMACY TIMES: Pharmacist Moms’ Dialogues Event Features Vaccination Updates, Addresses Hesitancy

NEBRASKA EXAMINER: Nebraska election officials say their job is more stressful, under the spotlight

CALIFORNIA HEALTHLINE: Opponents of California’s Abortion Rights Measure Mislead on Expense to Taxpayers

UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Space archaeologists offer first consultancy firm for orbital habitats

THE WRAP: Apple May Give Will Smith’s ‘Emancipation’ a 2022 Release and Awards Campaign, After All

NEW YORK TIMES: Will the Spiraling Publicity Harm ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ at the Box Office?

FREAKONOMICS – When You Pray to God Online, Who Else Is Listening?

NATIONAL JURIST: Professor leads a project in assisting Ukrainian refugees

OCBJ: Women In Business Awards Special Report 2022 Two Chapman University leaders and several alumnae have been nominated for the Orange County Business Journal’s 28th annual Women in Business Awards.

YAHOO FINANCE: NIH awards InfeXtious Therapeutic grant for the development of broad-spectrum cyclic amphiphilic peptides

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Unchallenged incumbents are frequent in races, but the uncontested newcomers in Dana Point is rare

ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL: Chapman alumnus lands grant from Google’s Latino Founders Fund

LOS ANGELES TIMES: A golden age of content? How producers are looking for their share

THE JEWISH OBSERVER: Siegel Selected as Chapman University’s First Full-Time Director of Jewish Life

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Fossil from 30-foot dinosaur discovered by Chapman student in Montana comes to OC

NEWS MEDICAL: Chapman University biologist studies how our bodies and behaviors change during sickness

TIME: Instagram Is Prototyping a New Feature That Appears To Copy the Best Parts of BeReal

DRUG TOPICS: Prevalence of COVID-19 Affecting Perception of Vaccines

ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL: OC Software Jobs Hold Steady Amid Push for More

MEDIUM: What Is The Difference between Polyamorous Swinger and Open Relationships?

THE MERCURY NEWS: After Anaheim’s last mayor resigned, four say they’re the candidate to move city forward

FINE CUT Southern California Student Short Film Television Series Announces Finalists and Episode Lineup for New Season Premiering Sept 21 on KCET

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Southern California house payments soar 46%, sales drop 35%

FOX 40: Best Universities Announces 2022 Best Acting Schools in California

ENTOMOLOGY TODAY: New Insight Into the Eye-Popping Biology of Stalk-Eyed Fruit Flies

TechBullion: How Microwave Cooking Helps Cooking

REDLANDS DAILY FACTS: Local handbell duo will perform at Redlands’ First Congregational Church

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Recession Fears May Not Pass GO

YAHOO!: 2022’s Top 25 American Film Schools, Ranked

DAILY PILOT: San Clemente councilman’s bid to ban abortions in the city raises outcry

NBC LOS ANGELES: Orange County Judge Violates Rule Signing Search Warrants While Working Remotely in Canada

VOICE OF OC: More Orange County Cities Resist Calls to Switch to District Elections

Book Reveals What Parents Should Focus on When Students Apply for College Chapman University journalism program director Susan Paterno authored “Game On: Why College Admission Is Rigged and How to Beat the System.”

BLOOMBERG: What Nonmonogamy Can Teach Moonlighters and Job Jugglers

INSIDER: A Black woman diagnosed with breast cancer warns of toxic chemicals in beauty products

BLOOMBERG: Sneaky Shrinkflation Is Driving People Crazy

THE WRAP: The Looming Recession: How Much Damage Will it Do in Hollywood?

PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY: Do generics producers have what it takes to tackle complex and specialty drugs?

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: Climate change plans may be a winning strategy for OC, LA candidates despite public polling

PHARMACY TIMES: Influenza Activity and Vaccine Effectiveness During the 2021-2022 Season

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Want to run for office in OC? Filing period opens July 18

HUFFPOST: Toxic Social Media Accounts Don’t Deserve Your Follow

WBUR HERE & NOW: White supremacy poses increasing threats in the U.S.: ‘We are dealing with a massive movement.’

ROLLING STONE: Neo-Nazi Satanist Cult Is a Terrorist Group, Feds Say In the trial of a U.S. GI accused of plotting to murder his fellow soldiers, the United States says the Order of Nine Angles sect should be treated like Al Qaeda

ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL: Full-Court Press Chapman alumnus Matt Kanne, founder of Anaheim’s Open Gym Premier, discusses the company he launched in 2009 while playing basketball as a business major.

VOICE OF OC: Is the FBI Trying to Shake Out More Witnesses in its OC Corruption Probe?

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Midterm forecast: Gas prices get GOP control of U.S. House

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ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Orange County home prices could fall 14%, says Chapman forecast

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KQEDUCATIONGROUP: Chapman University Part of OC Group Receiving State K-16 Education Collaborative Grant

WASHINGTON POST: We need a labeling system for pharmaceutical prices Making drug prices transparent would help doctors know what to prescribe and ensure patients take their medications

THE WASHINGTON POST: We need a labeling system for pharmaceutical prices

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STUDY INTERNATIONAL: ‘Belonging’ is key to college students’ success, researcher says Michelle Samura, associate professor of education, says belonging on campus takes ongoing effort – by students and their college

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KTLA: In absence of Roe v. Wade, which states could eliminate abortion access? Chapman Law Professor Lawrence Rosenthal discusses the leaked Supreme Court draft document

BABYDREAMERS.NET: Psychological Changes During Pregnancy

Egypt launches TV program for Egyptians abroad in May

DEADLINE: Chapman Student’s Film to be Featured in Tribeca Film Festival Student filmmaker Venk Potula stars in and produced "Four Samosas" which is set for a world premiere in competition at the festival.

NEWSWEEK: America is Headed for Class Warfare Joel Kotkin, the presidential fellow in urban futures, penned an opinion about the rising tide of class conflict that is problematic for Democrats and the GOP.

SHOWBIZ CHEAT SHEET: ‘Squid Game’: Park Hae-soo Thinks Cho Sang-woo Was Pretty Reasonable Park joined the cast of 'Squid Game' and writer/director Hwang Dong-hyuk at a Q&A at Chapman University.

VOGUE: Is Monogamy Over? Inside Love’s Sharing Economy Amy Moors, assistant professor of psychology, shares her expertise and research on romantic partnership.

POPULAR SCIENCE: What an extraterrestrial archaeological dig tells us about space culture In the first archaeological survey of its kind, Justin St. P. Walsh, associate professor of art history and archaeology, is leading the International Space Station Archaeological Project (ISSAP) to study the physical objects used by astronauts aboard the 23-year-old laboratory and mini-community.

THE SUNDAY TIMES: ‘Truly, Madly’ by Stephen Galloway review — Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier and the Romance of the Century

WUWF: First-ever archaeological study of humans in space launched Associate professors Justin Walsh of Chapman University, and Alice Gorman from Flinders University in Australia lead the effort

CALMATTERS: Four experts share how college students stay safe during the omicron surge We asked four public health experts all your pressing questions about how to avoid catching omicron on campus.

DALLAS INNOVATES: Freakonomics Radio Asks ‘Why Is Everyone Moving to Dallas?’

NPR: Archaeologists launch first-ever ‘dig’ into life on the International Space Station First-ever archaeological study of humans in space, observes the lives of the crew living on the International Space Station

APOLLO: Outer space – the final frontier for the art market? Justin Walsh, associate professor of art history and archaeology at Chapman University, discusses the long tradition of sending art to space.

Engineering Dean and Chemistry Researcher Andrew Lyon Receives Distinguished Educator Award From Greater Irvine Chamber

Fowler School of Engineering Dean Andrew Lyon, an internationally known chemist, researcher and professor at Chapman University, was honored Wednesday, Oct. 13, with a Distinguished Educator Award by the Greater Irvine Chamber.  The inaugural Distinguished Educators program, presented at the Hilton Irvine, recognizes exemplary Orange County educators at all levels of learning, with a particular […]

Time: What We Learned About Relationships During the Pandemic Jennifer Bevan, professor of communication, quoted in a Time article on relationship lessons during COVID-19.

C-SPAN: 2021 Historians Survey of Presidential Leadership Author and scholar of American history and new faculty member Luke Nichter participated in C-SPAN's 2021 Historians Survey of Presidential Leadership.

NBC News: Back to Not-So-Normal: Psychologists Eye Pandemic Stress as U.S. Reopens Brain Institute’s Uri Maoz and Postdoc Marie-Christine Nizzi interviewed about the continuance of pandemic stress as the country reopens and many return to work.

ABC News: ‘The View’ Honors Trailblazers from LGBTQIA+ Community During Pride Month Josie Totah, a television writing major at Dodge College, cited in ABC News as an entertainment superstar paving the way for the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Christian Science Monitor: Nicaraguans Sound Alarm Over Declining Democracy. Who’s Listening? Mateo Jarquin, assistant professor of history, quoted in The Christian Science Monitor about current political unrest in Nicaragua.

Refinery 29 | Our Childhood Crushes Were Sweet, Weird, & Kind Of Made Us Who We Are Today Riva Tukachinsky Forster, associate professor of communication studies, quoted in Refinery 29 about how early childhood crushes can be a healthy and important psychological step in young people’s development.

Discover Magazine: An Indigenous Amazonian Group May Hold a Key to Slowing Down the Aging Process Hillard Kaplan, professor of health economics and anthropology, featured in Discover Magazine about his research on the Tsimane people in Bolivia.

Orange County Patch: Housing Bubble, Construction Boom Mark OC Comeback: Forecast President Emeritus Jim Doti and his Economic Forecast findings on construction, inflation and rising interest rates featured in Orange County Patch.

CNN: Science and Pop Culture Look to the Skies to Answer the Ultimate Question: Are We Alone? CNN cited the Chapman University Survey of American Fears, which found that 41.4% of Americans believe that extraterrestrials have visited Earth at some time or another.

Forbes: 14 Tips For Crafting An Effective Apology Communications Plan Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Communications Jamie Ceman quoted in Forbes on the most effective ways to craft a sincere apology.

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: How to Quit Being Jealous Jennifer Bevan, professor of communication, quoted as an expert source on jealousy for Good Housekeeping magazine.

ABC7 NEWS: Violent militias looking to recruit members with law enforcement backgrounds, OC professor says Pete Simi, associate professor of sociology, interviewed about the overlap between the rise of anti-government militias and white supremacist extremism

THE CONVERSATION: Seabirds are today’s canaries in the coal mine – and they’re sending us an urgent message Brian Hoover, marine ecologist and Grand Challenges Initiative postdoctoral fellow, co-authored a piece in The Conversation about his research on how seabirds reflect ocean health.

HUFFPOST: Wait, What The Heck Is A ‘Parasocial Relationship’? Riva Tukachinsky Forster, associate professor of communication studies, shares the deeper reason to why we're all invested in celebrities' lives.

ORANGE COAST MAGAZINE: Letters Home: Chapman University’s Immense Collection of American War Letters Orange Coast Magazine featured Chapman University’s Center for American War Letters, and how the collection offers a glimpse into the minds of troops writing from battles throughout history.

EdSurge: How Are Final Exams Changing During the Pandemic? Stephanie Bailey, assistant professor of physics, and her class' community-service project, where students were tasked with teaching physics concepts to their elderly conversation partners, was mentioned in EdSurge.

OC REGISTER: Seniors share life stories with students, students share dance with seniors Chapman University dance students performed choreographed dance routines based on their weekly Zoom conversations with a group of residents from the Emerald Court senior living community in Anaheim.

CNN: What Elon Musk’s Asperger’s comment could mean for the business world Cristina Giannantonio, professor of human resource management, Amy Hurley-Hanson, associate professor of management, and Amy Jane Griffiths, assistant professor of clinical counseling, were all mentioned, discussing business leadership and the autism spectrum.

NY TIMES: How the Golden Globes Went From Laughingstock to Power Player Stephen Galloway, dean of Dodge College, quoted in a New York Times article about how the Golden Globes steadily gained influence in Hollywood and how scrutiny of its practices and lack of diversity led to NBC saying that it would not air its show in 2022.

OC REGISTER: Chapman baseball coach Scott Laverty wins 500th game Chapman University head baseball coach Scott Laverty won the 500th game of his career as the Panthers rolled to a 9-3 victory over University of La Verne

WSJ: Lots of Jobs Await the Class of 2021. So Does Plenty of Competition. Stacey Moynahan, an assistant dean of undergraduate programs and Argyros School career services, quoted on the impact that the coronavirus will have on the class of 2021 and their job search.

OCBJ: Chapman University Joins Vaccine Mandate Chapman University announced that it will require students, faculty and staff coming to campus in the fall to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

OC REGISTER: Orange County colleges, universities have mixed plans for graduations in person, more plan fall returns to campus Sheryl Bourgeois, executive vice president and chief advancement officer, and Lawrence Brown, vice provost for academic administration, quoted about Chapman's plans for commencement and fall 2021 classes.

CNET: Postpandemic moviegoing is going to be much different Russell Schwartz, associate professor at Dodge College, interviewed about what post-pandemic moviegoing looks like and the permanent changes the film industry will have to adopt.

NY TIMES: Banish Anxiety About Your Post-Lockdown Looks DAVID FREDERICK, associate professor of health psychology, quoted about his national study on the COVID-19 pandemic's effects on body image.

ABC7: Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause: College students scrambling to figure out vaccine alternatives Jeff Goad, professor and chair of pharmacy, and Chapman University senior student Lindsey Arabian respond to the recent news of federal health agencies recommending to pause the use of Johnson & Johnson shots.

PBS FRONTLINE: After Jan. 6, Investigating the Contours of a “Broad Fascist Movement” in the U.S. Pete Simi, associate professor of sociology, interviewed for the PBS Frontline film, American Insurrection, which investigated the threat posed by violent far-right groups that have ties to anti-government, white supremacist ideologies and criminality.

VOICE OF OC: OC Jewish Community Calls For An End On Comparing Coronavirus Vaccine to Holocaust Marilyn Harran, director of the Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education and Stern Chair in Holocaust Education, quoted about how comparisons of the coronavirus vaccination efforts to the Holocaust are offensive

LA TIMES: Will Johnson & Johnson woes make it harder to get COVID-19 vaccine in California? Jeff Goad, professor and chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, quoted about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the discussions on whether the cases of serious blood clots are connected to the vaccine or are coincidental

CBS LOS ANGELES: Study Shows That Consumer Confidence In OC Is On The Rise As Residents Brace For Light At The End Of The Tunnel A new study from Chapman University finds that consumer confidence in Orange County is soaring back to pre-pandemic levels as businesses begin to reopen and more people receive their coronavirus vaccinations.

KTLA WEEKEND MORNING NEWS: Man fights 27 years for freedom after being wrongfully convicted Jimmie C. Gardner, criminal rights advocate and Chapman communication studies student, interviewed by KTLA about the fight to clear his name of a crime he didn’t commit back in 1989. After battling with courts for 27 years, he was finally exonerated in 2016.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Stacey Abrams on Georgia Voting Controversy: “Boycotts Work Best When the Target is Responsive” Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and Glamour magazine hosted a panel called "Women in Focus: Women, Big Tech and the Future of Hollywood," which included politician, author and producer Stacey Abrams as a panelist.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Filmmaker Bong Joon Ho on How Hollywood Should Respond to Anti-Asian Violence The Hollywood Reporter featured moments from the Dodge College Master Class with Oscar-winning filmmaker Bong Joon Ho.

ABELCINE: Chapman University Looks to the Future with Virtual Production Technology Dodge College's new installation of an LED wall featured on AbelCine.

DAILY PILOT: Orange County Water District works to clean polluted groundwater from decades of manufacturing CHRISTOPHER KIM, professor of chemistry, quoted about an Orange County Water District project to clean up groundwater contamination.

NY TIMES: An Online Museum Shows Life During Wartime Andrew Carroll, founding director of the Center for American War Letters at Chapman, featured about the new virtual Museum of American War Letters, making a range of communications from battle zones available online.

AL JAZEERA: Why hate crime convictions are so difficult to secure in US Janine Young Kim, professor of law, quoted in an Al Jazeera story about why hate crime convictions are so difficult to secure in United States.

NY TIMES: Ellen DeGeneres Loses 1 Million Viewers After Apologies for Toxic Workplace STEPHEN GALLOWAY, dean of Dodge College at Chapman University, quoted.

THE STARTUP: 5 Success Strategies For Female Leaders and Founders HELEN NORRIS, vice president and chief information officer, offers advice for women in tech

OC REGISTER: Coronavirus pandemic exposes stark differences in Orange County The Orange County Annual Survey conducted by Chapman University's Fred Smoller and Michael Moodian was cited in The Orange County Register.

LA TIMES: Suburban radicals: Inside the resurgence of right-wing extremism in Orange County PETE SIMI, associate professor of sociology, providing expert commentary about hate speech and right-wing extremism in Orange County.

NY TIMES: Its Okay to Feel Joy Right Now JAY KUMAR, director of contemplative practices and well-being, quoted about happiness being a daily practice.

SPECTRUM NEWS: Kathy Fiscus’ Fall Down a Well Changed the Face of Breaking News Suzanne Lysak, associate professor of broadcast journalism and documentary, quoted in Spectrum News, commenting on the growth and changing standards of breaking news coverage and how it became a part of every daily news organization.

CBS LOS ANGELES: Lawmakers Pushing For Enforcement Of Gender Neutral Toy Departments At Big Box Stores Marisa Cianciarulo, professor of law, interviewed about Assembly Bill 1084, which would prohibit big box stores from displaying gender on aisle signs.

OC REGISTER: A university is a microcosm of the country: Daniele Struppa Chapman University President Daniele C. Struppa wrote this opinion piece about the university's commitment to diversity.

OC REGISTER: After 27 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, college graduation is in sight Jimmie Gardner, criminal rights advocate and Chapman communication studies student, shares his story in The Orange County Register

POPULAR SCIENCE: Animals are better at social distancing than we’ll ever be Patrícia Lopes, assistant professor of biological sciences, provides expert commentary on a new review paper that shares the ways that disease outbreaks can shift social behavior, in both humans and in other animals.

LA TIMES: The Newsom recall effort has a big problem: Orange County Fred Smoller, associate professor of political science, and his 2021 Orange County Annual Survey results featured.

NEW SPECIES PODCAST: New Species—of Slime-Producing Hagfishes… Douglas Fudge, associate professor of biological sciences, was a guest on the podcast discussing his research. Fudge traveled to the Galapagos Islands to study hagfish slime and was part of a team that discovered four new species of hagfishes

VOGUE BUSINESS: The ethics and future of flattering AR filters Megan Vendemia, assistant professor of communication studies, quoted about digital, face-enhancing altercations and how users interpret and respond to that altered sense of reality

MARKETPLACE: GameStop: The movie. And the TV show. And the documentary … Emily Carman, associate professor of film studies, quoted on how bankers and Wall Street are often portrayed in films and why this story arc has worked, dating back to films from the Great Depression.

OC REGISTER: Masks? Global warming? Chapman survey shows OC voters lean left of perception on several issues Fred Smoller, associate professor of political science, and his 2021 Orange County Annual Survey results featured

THE FORWARD: Jews Must Push For More Diverse Children’s Books SHIRA KLEIN, associate professor of history, wrote a piece about the need for children’s books that center on underrepresented groups.

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Lena Waithe Teases Stage Production With Debbie Allen Dodge College Master Class with Emmy-winning actor-screenwriter Lena Waithe was recapped.

WASHINGTON POST: ‘Dearest Sweetheart’: The passion and poignancy of wartime love letters ANDREW CARROLL, founding director of the Center for American War Letters at Chapman, featured about the center’s work in preserving stories of love during times of war.

THE SACRAMENTO BEE: California’s COVID vaccine schedule keeps changing. Here’s why JEFF GOAD, professor and chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, quoted on the logistics and framework of who is to receive the COVID vaccine, and how this framework is a "living document"

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Bryan Cranston Surprises Chapman University Students During Virtual Master Class Dodge College’s Master Class, where award-winning actor-director Bryan Cranston made a surprise virtual appearance, is recapped.

OC REGISTER: High School Student’s Nonprofit Seeks Social Justice Reforms The Panther Experiential Philanthropy Project (PEPP) mentioned for their support towards high school students that worked with the OC Justice Project to hand-package COVID-19 safety supply kits to give to people recently released from state prison.

CALMATTERS: Despite Months to Prep, Why California Lags on COVID Vaccination JEFF GOAD, professor and chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, quoted about California’s handling of the coronavirus vaccine rollout and the complexities behind it.

FOODBEAST: Is Subway’s Tuna Lawsuit Too Fishy To Be True?

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: GameStop Stock Surging Lures Some Las Vegans to Join Wild Ride STEVEN GJERSTAD, presidential fellow in the Economic Science Institute, quoted about about GameStop shares’ sudden spike.

SPECTRUM NEWS: Chapman University Works with Nonprofit to Help Formerly Incarcerated Youth Victoria Carty, associate professor of sociology, interviewed about a Chapman's partnership that is providing formerly incarcerated youths with courses taught by Chapman professors.

THE ATLANTIC: The Far Right’s Fear of ‘Glowies’ PETE SIMI, associate professor of sociology, quoted in this story about the secret language of the far right.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: I Tried to Start a Pandemic Pod for my 5-Year-Old. Here’s How it Went Wrong Laura Glynn, professor of psychology, quoted about the additional stresses of parenting young kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.

KPBS: Following Capitol Siege, Veterans Hope For More Deradicalization Programs PETE SIMI, associate professor of sociology, interviewed on military veterans who took part in the siege on Capitol Hill.

THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW: Rex Chapman Meets Teacher Who Went Viral On His Twitter James Brown, professor of peace studies, and Chapman Student Valentyna Simon '24, who organized a surprise Zoom "thank you" message for Dr. Brown, recapped their experiences on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

AARP: How Will Moviegoing Change in 2021? STEPHEN GALLOWAY, dean of Dodge College, quoted about his predictions for what moviegoing will look like in 2021.

NBC NEWS: Students thank teachers in viral TikTok trend JAMES BROWN, professor of peace studies, and his class' surprise "thank you" message featured.

BUSTLE: The Heartwarming Message Behind “Main Character” Videos On TikTok AMY JANE GRIFFITHS, assistant professor of clinical counseling, quoted about the TikTok trend that is inspiring people to harness "main character energy" in their everyday lives.

OC REGISTER: 500,000 jobs were lost and 6,600 lives were saved by California’s pandemic mandates, study says JIM DOTI, president emeritus, and his Economic Forecast findings on the impact of California's strict business limitation featured.

SPECTRUM NEWS: COVID-19 Vaccine on Its Way, but Will Every Health Care Worker Want It? KARL HESS, associate professor of pharmacy, interviewed about the COVID-19 vaccine and how it is only effective with widespread participation.

USA TODAY: ‘Most valuable surrogate’: Spouses key in battleground states, lending firepower in final campaign push Lori Cox Han, professor of political science, quoted about the role of women and spouses in politics.

OC REGISTER : Chapman University offers its Panther Village for first responders to self-isolate DANIELE STRUPPA, on residential housing for first responders.

DANIELE STRUPPA, on residential housing for first responders.