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Chapman undergraduate Annabelle
Chapman undergraduate student Annabelle ’26 is taking full advantage of the Chapman Experience by being involved in clubs, jobs and extracurricular's such as cheer and sorority life.

Personalized Connections and Opportunities Fill Annabelle ’26 With Panther Pride

Undergraduate student Annabelle ’26 committed to Chapman University before even touring the school. Because only a few students from her high school attended Chapman, the university wasn’t on her initial college radar. She decided to apply, though, after learning more about Chapman’s warm environment and small class sizes.

“I came to Chapman on admitted students day, and I loved it,” Annabelle shared. “I felt like I could see myself here. It gave me comfort.”

Now a psychology major at Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, Annabelle aims to help others. Following the death of a friend from suicide in eighth grade, Annabelle went to therapy and decided she wanted to find a career that genuinely impacted others.

“I don’t want others to go through what my friend went through,” she explained. “I want to help and make the world a happier place.”

In the classroom, Annabelle loves that her professors are so passionate and connected to the field. In addition to providing research opportunities or internship experiences, getting to know her teachers has opened up group discussions and projects.

“Chapman professors are looking to help you and really care about students’ well-being,” she explained. “They’re devoted to any question you have, and I feel grateful to have them as a resource.”

Outside of the classroom, Annabelle is taking full advantage of the Chapman Experience by being involved in clubs, jobs and extracurriculars. She is also grateful for her Chapman Fund scholarship, which allowed her to become a Panther.

“My scholarship opened many doors and provided me with resources,” she said. “I’m so proud to be at Chapman, and I carry that pride wherever I go.”

Following graduation, Annabelle wants to pursue higher education in either clinical psychology or social work. She’d like to do pro bono work and give back to those who can’t afford treatment.

“Chapman has set me up for the next stage of my life by furthering my professional network,” she concluded. “I have felt supported from day one, and the genuine connections with professors and fellow students make it so much easier to progress in your field.”

If you would like to help students like Annabelle fulfill their potential and create a brighter future for themselves and their community, donate today to the Chapman Fund.

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