Vice President of Campus Planning and Design Collette Creppell

Collette Creppell Receives Women of Influence Award From Greater Irvine Chamber

For more than a decade, the Greater Irvine Chamber annually celebrates remarkable women who are shaping the future across various sectors through its Women of Influence awards program. Among this year’s recipients is Chapman University Vice President of Campus Planning and Design Collette Creppell, who received the award in the innovation category.

“I am honored by this recognition, which should truly go to the leadership and team at Chapman,” said Creppell. “I have been fortunate to work with supportive, visionary leaders and talented, tenacious team members. I am particularly grateful for the leadership of and support from Daniele Struppa and Harold Hewitt.”

Prior to joining Chapman, Creppell served as university architect for three years at Brown University and for ten years as university architect and director of campus planning for Tulane University in New Orleans, eight of which involved campus rebuilding and renewal following Hurricane Katrina.

“Without question, Collette is the best visionary and leader for campus development who has ever served Chapman,” said Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Harold Hewitt. “Since joining Chapman, Collette has taught us all her concept of ‘campus making,’ a process of designing award-winning buildings and intentionally shaping landscapes for the purpose of serving students and those who support them. We are extremely fortunate to have Collette as part of our campus community.”

Reflecting on the award, Creppell expressed gratitude for her involvement in various collaborative projects.

“On behalf of the multitude of people — architects and designers, donors and board members, engineers and consultants, contractors and subcontractors, city planners and commissioners, vendors, and managers at every level — who collectively realize projects, I am grateful and honored,” said Creppell. “From them, I have learned that innovation comes not so much from trying new for the sake of new, rather from marshaling our collective creativity to set our sights on what is inspiring.”

Learn more about campus planning and design at Chapman.

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