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First-Gen Student Mariel ’27 Wants to be the First Reporter Live from the Moon The broadcast journalism and documentary undergrad is thankful for receiving scholarships to attend Chapman and make her dreams a reality.

Chapman University first-generation student Mariel ’27 found her passion for journalism during a high school class. Once she joined her school newspaper, it solidified her love of it, and she knew this was her career path.

“I love to tell stories and to help people through the news,” Mariel said.

With the goal of being a science and technology reporter, Mariel wants to translate complicated concepts to the public. After touring Chapman’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and learning about the Broadcast Journalism and Documentary major, she knew Chapman was the right place for her.

“My major is perfect because it encompasses all I want to explore,” she explained. “I want to be a science journalist to help get discoveries out there and to dispel myths to the public.”

Growing up, Mariel was curious about everything and had a wide variety of interests. Throughout school, she would think about jobs and had a feeling she might get bored doing one thing. That’s where science journalism came into play.

“Science is such a wide-ranging beat,” she said. “Because science reporting is so niche, most people don’t choose it.”

In Dodge College, Mariel has been able to put together broadcast news packages and even do a science podcast in class. She’s minoring in Chemistry through the Schmid College of Science and Technology to gain the science education necessary for her specific beat.

“I have been able to personalize my experience and education at Chapman and explore many topics,” she explained. “I want to become a broadcast scientist and technology reporter for a well-respected news organization. I want to be the first reporter live from the moon.”

In addition to her academics, Mariel is active in several clubs and holds a campus job. These activities — coupled with her classes — are setting her up for the next stage of her life.

“Getting to do live broadcasts for multiple semesters allows me to get experience and hone my skills,” she explained. “It’s not just the technical skills, but also learning news judgment. You can only learn by doing.”

As a scholarship recipient, Mariel is grateful to the Chapman Fund for helping to support her educational goals. Gifts to the Chapman Fund provide university leadership with the resources to respond swiftly to its greatest needs, like providing financial aid and scholarships for more than 86% of students.

“Being at Chapman, I’m finally at a place where people understand me and want to work as hard as I do to excel,” she stated. “The community of people is what I love most about Chapman.”

If you would like to help students like Mariel fulfill their potential and create a brighter future for themselves and their community, donate today to the Chapman Fund.

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