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More than 100 Chapman alumni, faculty, students and family members attended the inaugural Chapman on the Road event in New York City.

Unleashing Panther Pride: Chapman on the Road Takes New York City by Storm

Chapman on the Road, an event hosted by the Chapman University Office of Alumni Engagement, recently made its mark in the bustling city of New York. This immersive experience brought together Chapman Family members from diverse fields, providing them a platform to connect, share their stories and foster meaningful relationships.

On May 25, Chapman on the Road descended upon Cornelius Restaurant in the iconic Grand Central Station. The event saw an impressive turnout, with nearly 100 attendees, including alumni, students and faculty participating in the Walk on Wall Street course. It marked a significant milestone as the first event in New York following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The evening started with remarks from Henrik Cronqvist, the new Argyros School of Business and Economics dean, and Nidhi Vogt, associate vice president of engagement and volunteerism. Their presence underscored the commitment of Chapman University to fostering connections and engaging with its extensive alumni network.

dean cronqvist addresses audience at mixerReflecting on the event, Lyle Sarembock ’15 emphasized the value of reconnecting with old friends, meeting new people and establishing connections with the new generation of Chapman students. He highlighted the strong bond that extends beyond the university, making Chapman on the Road events a must-attend for alumni in any city.

“I moved to New York seven years ago, and there was a group of 10 people then. Now in 2023, there are 100-plus people. You never know what connections you can make,” Sarembock explained.

Kelsey Parrotte ’18, who pursued a creative writing degree in Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, expressed her excitement about bridging the gap between her Chapman experience in California and her current journey in New York. She stressed the importance of networking and using these events to reflect on personal and professional growth.

“The event was a great way to build your network in a professional sense. You never what know doors you can open,” Parrotte stated.

Ivy Chiou ’14 was delighted to reconnect with fellow alumni and sorority sisters, expressing her surprise at discovering the vibrant Chapman community in the tri-state area. She emphasized the go-getter attitude shared by Chapman alumni and the powerful sense of camaraderie that arises when Panther pride is in full swing.

“I’m proud to be a Chapman graduate because I’m seeing the investment the university is making through alumni networking; the work that Chapman is pouring back into the school, like diversity and inclusion, is also really cool,” Chiou described.

group of people at mixer pose for cameraFor Shelby Stanton ’15, attending the Chapman on the Road event in New York was an opportunity to build her Panther network and strengthen her connection to the Chapman community. She emphasized the unique bond shared by Chapman alumni and the value of fostering a strong network in one’s local area.

“It’s cliché to talk about, but Chapman built me into the person and lawyer I am. They taught me the importance of having a well-rounded life and having a job and a career that is interesting and excites you every day. Also, having a wonderful support network who believe in you. I can’t say enough about how Chapman built me into the person I am and how it informs my path,” Stanton revealed.

With the success of the New York City event, Chapman on the Road is now heading to Seattle, promising another incredible evening of connection and engagement. Hosted by David and Danielle Limp, proud parents of Dylan ’26 and Duncan ’26, the cocktail reception will take place on Tuesday, August 15, from 6 – 8 p.m. PST at their private residence in Medina, Wash.

The event will feature President Daniele C. Struppa, who will share updates on Chapman University’s inspiring momentum, including its rise in national rankings, the new strategic plan and the university’s future. Attendees can forge lifelong connections, expand their network within the Chapman Family in the greater Seattle area, and explore avenues for continued engagement and collaboration.

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Chapman on the Road is extending its reach to other cities as well, including San Diego, the Bay Area, Dallas, Phoenix, Denver and Las Vegas. These upcoming events hold tremendous promise for alumni, allowing them to connect with the Chapman community, explore professional opportunities, and witness the university’s growth firsthand.

Chapman on the Road in New York City was the first in an extraordinary series of events that bring together members of the Chapman Family from diverse backgrounds with camaraderie and connection. Alumni shared their experiences, emphasized the importance of networking, and celebrated the growth and achievements of Chapman University.

As the Chapman on the Road series continues, the upcoming event in Seattle promises to be another remarkable gathering where alumni, parents and students can expand their networks, connect with fellow Panthers, and contribute to the ongoing success of Chapman University. RSVP today and prepare to be inspired, connected and engaged.

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