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Dodge College

Best Study Spots On Campus

Tired of studying in the same place all the time? Chapman is full of hidden gems and views that are perfect for solitude and a great atmosphere.

Explore Chapman’s Orange and Rinker campuses for the perfect study session. From nooks to open spaces, you’re bound to find something that calls out to you.

Keck Center

keck center

Keck Center, located near Argyros Forum and the football field, offers an amazing view and unconventional study spaces. The tall windows in the third floor hallway provide sufficient natural lighting, complimented by bright walls and furniture. This cozy café-style seating is great for studying between classes or admiring the sunny SoCal weather from inside.

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts


If high ceilings and plenty of natural light help your creative process, Dodge has a variety of unique study spots to choose from, so take your time and explore! This college has indoor and outdoor study areas that are camera ready and sure to make homework a fun experience.

Argyros Forum


Argyros Forum Patio

The Argyros Forum building has beautiful patio space if you want to get some fresh air while you study. Located on the third floor, this patio is a gorgeous lookout point. Argyros Forum is a focal point for Orange campus, where students will find many club or student government meetings, Einstein Coffee and a variety of sitting areas for groups. If you have a large study group, AF is the building for you!

Beckman Hall

Beckman Hall

William K. Hood Student Lounge in Beckman Hall has warm fall colors and plenty of natural light. The height of this room provides the perfect view of the Orange campus. 

Sandi Simon Dance Center

Sandi Simon

Rest your feet and check your notes in the Sandi Simon Dance Center! Lush furniture and elegant fabric provide a bit of privacy while soft lighting creates a soothing break or study session.

Doti Hall Steps and Lawn


Chapman Study Spots

Chapman students commonly gather on the steps of Doti Hall to get some fresh air while they study. Students that enjoy nature and basking in the sun might also benefit from the lush lawn just in front of the building.

Rinker Campus Student Center


The Rinker campus has an amazing new student center. Inside you’ll find modern interior design and your choice of open space seating or cozy booths. Paws Café will satisfy your caffeine cravings while you work.

Rinker Campus Paws Café

Rinker Campus Center

The locations listed above are just a few Panther favorites!  Explore, discover and happy studying!

Jennifer Winfield

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