Virtual Retirement Savings Counseling Sessions for December


  • Consultant: Christian Frost
  • Phone/virtual appointment: 
  • Available dates:
    • Thursday, Dec. 1
    • Monday, Dec. 12


Part-time faculty who participate or would like to participate in the Chapman University Tax-Deferred Annuity 403(b) Retirement Plan also are welcome to schedule consultations with these representatives.

Additionally, here are five tips to boost retirement plan savings:

  1. Start Today – It’s never too late to start planning for your future.
  2. Contribute to the Chapman University 403b Plan – Pre-tax and after-tax Roth contributions are available. 2022 IRS limits allow you to contribute up to $20,500.
  3. Employer Matching Contributions are back!! – Eligible participants can receive up to a 6% matching contribution when making an employee contribution!
  4. Take advantage of the catch-up provision – Are you age 50?  In addition to the annual limit, you can contribute an additional $6,500.
  5. Ask questions and Plan – Retirement planning can be intimidating, but don’t let that stop you.  TIAA and Fidelity representatives can help with a personal consultation session.

If you have any questions, contact